Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sorry It Has Been So Long Freebie The Happy Family And A Cook Book

My sweet Da called me this morning
to let me know about
a cool estate sale he had stumbled on.
You really have to go he said....
I had planned on today being a stay in day.
So much to work on
ephemera packs for the Gypsie store.
And pick on my son and husband by
putting in something like...hmmm The Duchess
Or Made In Heaven. 
But Jer (my partner in crime) said he
would go with me to the sale
And get this...he even gave me money..
What a sweet husband.
So anyway
Dad was spot on...
It was a great sale...and it must of been a fantastic
sale the first 4 days they had it. 
I picked up a nice batch of vintage and
antique cook books. 
A packet rubber banded together full of
trade cards and vintage post cards.
I thought I would share with you this afternoon
a couple of the post cards
and one of the old photos in the packet
also...One of the cook books.
Oh...and The measurement page from one of the cook books
 And of course the Happy Family.....


  1. What amazing finds...real treasures indeed. Thank you for sharing them here! ~ Angela

  2. Glad you found goodies!!!! And how great to have a scout. HUGS!


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