Thursday, March 31, 2011

Knife vs Finger Update And Ephemera Pack Winners Ship Today

Well here it is Thursday
this week has gone by way too fast for me.
My husband teased me last weekend and said he was going to
buy me a Day
I really am beginning
to thing he is right and I need one
The day just goes by too fast and it seems like my mental
list just keeps going on and on.
So this week
My finger is healing nicely...but
it really hurts every time I accidentally bump it.
Interesting thing
you can do everything minus your index finger.
 have managed to type,
do dishes,
tie ribbons
fold envelopes
I think you get the point
it really only held me back the first couple of days
Yesterday was spent putting together
and packing up the
ephemera packs for the winners
of the Junkin Gypsies
I had a lot of fun putting these together
for our winners.
They will be going out in today's mail.

My work table looks pretty scuffed
an antique dresser that
serves as one of my work spaces. to the printer to get that
one last address on
Thanks for the email this morning Dawn
Then to the post office
and over to Jills for more Junkin Gypsies
We will have some new product for the Etsy store this
afternoon so please come over and
Mothers day is just right around the corner....
With that in mind
I should probably go get a day timer.
Have a great day gals~

1 comment:

  1. Lemay the second time was the charm.. the parcel arrived today and I wanted to say a quick thank you I'll email you too so I can tell you how wonderful everything was.. thank you dear friend you made my day.Hugs wendy


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