Friday, March 11, 2011

~Oops! I am a Goof again...Sorry!

Hello Leaping Frog Followers ! 
It is Jill from Feathers & Flight wanting to 
Update you on some Important Giveaway Information.
I apologize.. I didn't Make the Chances to win our Giveaway Clear Enough ....
Sorry! That is the Goofy Girl In Me!! So Sorrry!
Please be sure to Leave 3 Separate Comments 
to Have 3 Chances to Win! 
Lemay and I want Everyone to have the Same Chance at Winning!!
1st~Make a Comment on the Junkin Gypsies Blog
2nd~Become a Follower of the Junkin Gypsies
3rd~Grab our Giveaway Button Above
and Post it on your Side Bar with a Link  Back to our post
for a 3rd chance to Win !!!
Yay!!! Aren't Giveaways FUN!!!!
(Well...if the Giver isn't being a Goof! Lol!!)
Click HERE to go to Junkin Gypsies! 
Hugs From
Jill &  of Coarse Lemay!
After all it is her Blog!
(But I have the Password....Hee Hee Hee!WE could have Some Fun!)


  1. Wow the power and maybe your should change the name to the one's Jill just emailed to me ... ask Jill she will explain
    I like the "Gypsie with junk in her trunks" because let's face it we all the a little to much junk in our trunks Ha Ha!

  2. Lol...I am dialing her number right now Wendy to find out what you two have been up too! Thanks so much for all your sweet comments dearie...My poor dear friend Jill has worked sooo hard on these postings she is just worn out! Pouring myself a cup of tea and off to visit the Gypsie page.

  3. thanx for the update...keep on keepin' on...tiff


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