Saturday, July 30, 2011

Free Clip Art Images New Hair Style And Bonnets 1888 From Leaping Frog Designs

Last week while I was on vacation I
came across some wonderful loose pages
from Peterson's Magazine 1866 and 1888
at least I think they are from Peterson's
some may be from a Godey's Lady's Book
These are so wonderful
Patterns and instructions
along with commentary on fashion.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I have been

Friday, July 15, 2011

Look What I Found Today At A Garage Sale An Antique Chamber Pot

Today was yard work day at my
parents house
My son usually mows their lawn and I do some
weeding or what ever else they need done
Today on our way there
I saw the sign...Garage Sale and the address
I know Eugene pretty well...and A sale in this
neighborhood is rare.
So..Told Jordan
Oh It's good you brought your DS and a book
you will have something to do for a few min.
while I scoot into this sale.
Laughing so hard because you should of seen his face
"Not again Mom"
So up the hill I went to the sale...around the bend
Into the parking lot that was surrounded by woods
and ivy...Cool and Green
On the outside of the sale.
Artwork laid out on the driveway.
The prices looked pretty steep..but not that bad
Then I was told...everything was 70% off the marked
My first handful came to 5 dollars
my second handful another 6
then...the chamber pot
It was only 18 dollars...Take 70% off of that
and you know what I paid.
I was so excited!
I was so excited I just had to show my Mom
And nothing prepared me for
how excited she was.
Little did I know that in all the years
she had been collecting
This was one of the items she had been questing for
She has a beautiful ca mode (did I spell that right?)
and always wanted the chamber pot to go with it.
Now she does.
This beautiful piece is now sitting in her living room
(now quit laughing)
There was no room for it in my house..and she loves it so much
Mom can not get out much
and no garage sales or estate sales for her anymore
it was wonderful to trip on this
and find out how much she had been wanting one.
Tomorrow I am going to surprise her with
something more.
On the way home from their house
I went by again...just hoping I had missed
more pieces to the set.
I had.
I found three more.
I can't wait to see her face.

Clip Art Friday Free Images From Leaping Frog Designs Food Wallpapers The Lost Lamb

Starting off the day with some yummy salad images
perfect for those vintage style tags

Two great vintage wallpapers from my collection
The bottom paper is very delicate
and the top layer is done with a pearl
paint.  Very beautiful.

The Lost Lamb
A treasure rescued from a free box
discarded by someone who had no idea
what a beautiful image it was

I thought this one would be fun on Christmas cards
or tags.

Hope everyone has a great day!!
Off to see all the beautiful studio spaces on
Where Blogger's Create today.
Then yard work at my folks
Enjoy the day!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

While Everyone Is Going Crazy This Week Getting Ready For The Blog Party I Am...

The last couple of weeks
have been a little
crazy for so many of my blog
You all are getting ready for the Where Blogger  Create
Party on Friday
Cleaning your studio's
I know this because my dear
partner at Junkin Gypsies-Jill
Has re-done her own studio space
how many times this week?
I feel kinda free
Here I sit in my own messy-chaotic studio
cup of coffee at hand
I would of dearly loved to take part
this year...but just did not
need the extra stress.
My own folks have had a really tough year
needing help a bit more and more
A big party camp out  on the family farm in a week
so much to do getting that ready
It would of been fun..but not this year.
I will enjoy visiting all my friends studio's
oooing and aaahing
So many ideas I want to incorporate into this space
Jill's fantastic lamp (tee hee-just wait)
Moving my Great Grandmothers reading
chair into here
Hunting for a maniquin I can tuck into the corner
with all my vintage jewelry
Things I have been working on

I did some Tea Staining this week
have not done that in years
dying and staining fabrics with natural elements
was something I played around with many years ago
it is a lot of fun and the results are so satisfying
After the fabric was done I just had to put together
a little collection full of things
I have found in the last few estate sale foray's
The Humming Bird box and it's collection has
 ended up in my Etsy store.

And we have my newest Domino
Pendant and crystal chain necklace
coming to the Junkin Gypsies Etsy store this week
This one has vintage German scrap roses
Vintage rhinestones...and one of my hand crafted chains
That is what I have been up to-instead of cleaning and
re-doing my studio.
I am so looking forward to popping in and
seeing all of you Friday

Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh Ladies Look What I Found Today

Today was a most astounding day
Tonight I sit here on my couch feeling
kind of like an estate sale glutton tee hee
I had to run my son Jordan around
a little today.  Friday is mowing day
at his grandparents across town
so I knew that somehow a couple of garage
sales would sneak their way
into our schedule.
Do you ever get that feeling that
something really special is waiting for you at
a sale?
It was one of those days.
I thought I had hit the jackpot when in a free box
there was a beautiful antique lacquer jewelry box.
A tiny Made In Occupied Japan vase
and a Russian stacking doll.
But later in the day..Jordan went to
stay with his best buddy and we passed another
estate sale.
Growl...he said DON'T STOP
Take me first....Well OK.  I did and sat and
chatted with Shannon for a bit
about our upcoming camping trip for my
birthday weekend.
Not really watching the time
I headed home...And the sale was still open
So I stopped
Look what I found
Published in 1891
By Addie E Heron
Elaborately Illustrated

That is an understatement.   This wonderful book is full
of illustrations and patterns and instructions.
Oh boy we are going to have fun with this one
I have left the plastic cover on it for now
It is in really good shape.

Now...This book was a find...but that was not all
35 Floral plates
Engravings of the great composers
Vintage paper doily's
Victorian scrap
A beautiful little Chippendale dresser (about 12 inches tall)
Art deco buttons
Vintage glitter
Are you swooning with me?
Here is a loose page I found tucked
into the paper doily's
Tomorrow I will take some pictures
to share with you.
But tonight I was just so excited I could not wait.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vintage Wall Paper Clip Art Pan American Wall Papers From Leaping Frog Designs

Have you ever opened up
a box that has been sitting for (years)
a long time.
And been pleasantly surprised?
This last weekend that happened to me
Several years ago when Jordan was a baby
my sister and I stumbled on
a fantastic fund raiser sale.
We needed shopping carts for goodness sakes.
I had forgotten all about these great
wall paper samples.
These look like they are all from
Pan American Wall Papers
I am not into wall paper
but these are very cool...They look
like they have all been hand printed
You can run your finger over and feel the can see them very clearly too.
This one is textured and has
tiny gold flecks all over it.
I bet in candle light it is stunning

There are about 200 sample sheets
in my stack
I am going to make up a few packs
and list them in my Etsy store this week
So if any of you are Wall Paper fans
come by and see if there are any you can use.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th Of July!!!

The last few days I have
been going thru my
images and books trying to
find patriotic pictures.
It made me really sad that I could only
find two in my collection.
For a gal who's family goes all the way back
to the Revolution it was a bit
of an embarrassment.
Next year I promise there will be
more on my page for you
Today...Heading to the farm for
a picnic.
Then Fireworks tonight.
Stay safe...Have fun.
Happy Birthday America

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