Thursday, March 31, 2011

Knife vs Finger Update And Ephemera Pack Winners Ship Today

Well here it is Thursday
this week has gone by way too fast for me.
My husband teased me last weekend and said he was going to
buy me a Day
I really am beginning
to thing he is right and I need one
The day just goes by too fast and it seems like my mental
list just keeps going on and on.
So this week
My finger is healing nicely...but
it really hurts every time I accidentally bump it.
Interesting thing
you can do everything minus your index finger.
 have managed to type,
do dishes,
tie ribbons
fold envelopes
I think you get the point
it really only held me back the first couple of days
Yesterday was spent putting together
and packing up the
ephemera packs for the winners
of the Junkin Gypsies
I had a lot of fun putting these together
for our winners.
They will be going out in today's mail.

My work table looks pretty scuffed
an antique dresser that
serves as one of my work spaces. to the printer to get that
one last address on
Thanks for the email this morning Dawn
Then to the post office
and over to Jills for more Junkin Gypsies
We will have some new product for the Etsy store this
afternoon so please come over and
Mothers day is just right around the corner....
With that in mind
I should probably go get a day timer.
Have a great day gals~

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ouch! Be Careful With Knives Dearies!

Well my has been a busy week
As you all know
Junkin Gypsies opened this week and
we had our giveaway on Friday
You can go over to the Junkin Gypsies blog
to see the winners
I said winners.
Friday night I think both
Jill and I were pretty pooped.
But oh so excited and happy.
Thank you all so much
for taking part!!

I guess I was a little more
excited than I should of been.
Right now I am Typing
one handed..
Yes...I did I was cooking
dinner Friday night
I decided to try to de-bone
my left index finger
with the knife
my dear sweet hubbs had just
sharpened for me.
No stitches...because there is nothing left
to stitch (as I calmly explained to
my husband...trying not to faint as blood
went everywhere...fingers really bleed!)
So...I am one handed for a few days.
The good thing is it gets me out
of dish chore...My son is so happy about

I hope you all have had a great weekend
be careful in the kitchen today!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Can I Try To Fit More Hours In The Day

I don't know about you...
but it seems like lately there just
does not seem to be
enough time in the day for all the things I want and
need to do.
Jill and I have been so busy these last few
weeks getting Junkin Gypsies up
and going.
That Leaping Frog Designs has gone a little
My Etsy store finally has some new vintage items
listed...and on that note,
Last week I was invited to join the
Etsy Vintage Street Team
This next week I plan on exploring the team blog and my
fellow team members stores.
Since I could not sleep
this morning
I made up a treasury of one
of my favorite things
Crazy Quilting.
Here is the link
Hopefully some of you will stop on over
and take a look
So many beautiful quilts and amazing
Have a great Friday everyone!!!
Don't Forget

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Great Day Book Browsing and Junking With My Son

 Spring Break At Last
Jordan and I have been planning a road trip
to our favorite used book store
For months. last we had our chance,
He was up at dawn trying to
get me going.
That gave me a huge smile.
So....Off we went.
Book Browser is in Corvallis Oregon, About
42 miles from our house
Jordan kindly took a picture of me
First we had to stop off at the farm
so that Quinn could have a run.
Here is a picture
Through the walnut trees
My Mom and Her sisters used to sit
in when they
were young.

Pretty flowers are starting to bloom

This is one of the burn piles from the
old barn
It amazed us that tiny grasses and moss
are starting to sprout through
the ashes
A bit of a run around for Jordan and Quinn
in our campsite....Then
Off to the book store

Ha...My pictures are out of order
After the bookstore on the
way home
we found a fantastic junk store
look what we found

These book plates were just lying in a pile of tools
I plan on scanning them later..
they are fantastic.
So...back to the book store. 
I get kind of overwhelmed in this little place,
room after room of
So many rescued books from library's all over America
old books from all over the world
A fantastic Science Fiction section (that is where Jordan Hangs out)
He nicked me for 12 paperbacks
I love that he reads
So...60 dollars later...A beautiful book on antique purses for me..and a stack of
Harper's.  A beautiful little book on friendship
from 1878
And like I said...Jordan's huge stack of books.
I am glad my hubby is out of town this week...Tonight I am going to just go through
these old Harper's magazines and transport myself
back in time.
Jordan has already jumped into one of his I think a cup of
tea is in order.
Tomorrow, more work on Junkin Gypsies and Leaping Frog...
but now...a little break.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Venise Lace Arrived Today-I Am So Happy

A few weeks ago I found Patrica Winters new Magazine
Crazy Quilt Gatherings
One ad caught my attention and imagination.
Spilling from a small trunk...Luscious
Hand Dyied Venise Lace
Ahhh The Crazy Quilter in me sighed...Just what I have
been looking for.
At last..this week I took a little breather (shhhh-Do not tell Jill!)
and ordered the mini's.
The Last two or three weeks Jill and I have been working
like crazy women putting
Junkin Gypsies together and getting ready
to open on Etsy.
Our gift box giveaway you can see in the post before this.
So...My point is.  There has not been much
extra time.  In fact my poor family has been the most patient
with me along with my sweet Quinn girl (my German Shepherd)
I bet you would love for me to get back to my story..
Today I cut my timing a little close...Jill and I had been working on
some fun things for the store...I just had to
stop and pick up Quinn before we picked up my son from school.
It was going to be close...
And there on my front porch was two packages.
Well....One package and one larger envelope.
Happy Day!!!
I had to open the one I knew came from RavioleeDreams
and here is what was inside

Really Nice !!! I can see why she is having
a hard time keeping them
in stock.
Last night...I ordered the middle motif  package...
They are going to be so fun to
create with.
Take a little visit  over to Nicki's store on Etsy
And see the wonderful treasures she makes

Friday, March 11, 2011

~Oops! I am a Goof again...Sorry!

Hello Leaping Frog Followers ! 
It is Jill from Feathers & Flight wanting to 
Update you on some Important Giveaway Information.
I apologize.. I didn't Make the Chances to win our Giveaway Clear Enough ....
Sorry! That is the Goofy Girl In Me!! So Sorrry!
Please be sure to Leave 3 Separate Comments 
to Have 3 Chances to Win! 
Lemay and I want Everyone to have the Same Chance at Winning!!
1st~Make a Comment on the Junkin Gypsies Blog
2nd~Become a Follower of the Junkin Gypsies
3rd~Grab our Giveaway Button Above
and Post it on your Side Bar with a Link  Back to our post
for a 3rd chance to Win !!!
Yay!!! Aren't Giveaways FUN!!!!
(Well...if the Giver isn't being a Goof! Lol!!)
Click HERE to go to Junkin Gypsies! 
Hugs From
Jill &  of Coarse Lemay!
After all it is her Blog!
(But I have the Password....Hee Hee Hee!WE could have Some Fun!)

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Ongoing Love Affair With Old Books-Steamboat Gothic

Yesterday Jill and I took a quick jaunt over to Springfield
looking for some special tapestry fabric.
The Gypsies are working on their store launching with a
very special gift box giveaway.
We have been running here and there
collecting, sewing, spinning magic.
After a an hour of no luck...we headed back across town
to our little work shop (tee hee...that sounds cute) but
it is really just Jill's living room for right now).  Or at my house
the studio under construction.
But....we had to make another stop...(or two).
Jill's hubby had told her about a new SvDePaul right across the street from
his office.
Happy day!!! A new junk store....We scored!!!  Several wonderful
fun finds....And then..THE BOOK SECTION....
Our Saint Vinny's (as we call them) Have the best used book sections in our
We found some beautiful books to add to the Gypsies inventory,
and I found this wonderful book - Steamboat Gothic
by Frances Parkinson Keys.
Not  just a collector of antique or vintage books because
they are beautiful.
I also read them...if they look interesting enough.
This book isn't that old.  Published in
1959, but the inside illustration caught my eye...
Then the story caught my imagination.
I am going to delve into it this weekend. 
We are off to the flea market again this Sunday...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clip Art Freebies Decorated Floats Antique Images And Maid Of The Mist Card

Last weekend Jill and I went to our local Piccadilly Flea Market.  I have
not been in a long long time.
It was so much fun going with Jill...You see, it is a little
known secret, but until just recently
Jill would never go junkin with me.You would think
after being best friends for over 30 years
she would of broken down
and come garage sailing with me, or
an estate sale or two.  Even when she lived in Canada
(they have fantastic Antique stores in B.C.)
Nope...I think we went to one antique store in all
the years I went up to visit before she and her
family moved back home to Eugene.
But now
 Oh my...Now she
knows and is soooo hooked.
Anyway...These 3 vintage pictures are part my finds.
I had to laugh.  In my wallet was $6
And I spent every penny.  These great pictures and
cards all came in one packet that only cost
a buck!  I love flea markets
I hope you enjoy them...The Maid Of The Mist card is very beautiful, and
the decorated automobiles for a parade are wonderful.
Take a close look at the people in the crowd.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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