Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clip Art Freebies From Leaping Frog Designs Victorian Scrap Butterfly And Vintage Valetines

A few weeks ago I came across my scrap book
from grade school.
Tucked inside pages full of drawings
and class work
and Valentines
Boy they sure brought back a lot of
I will add more as the year
goes on
The butterfly at the top
came to me as half a butterfly
I scanned it and then Jill fixed it for me.
It is very cool

Clip Art Free Image Maple Leaf Botanical From Leaping Frog Designs

As I was going thru
one of my old books
A maple leaf fell out that
I had pressed many years ago
Ding! I think I will scan it
It looks really cool in negative

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why Are My Blog Visit Numbers Going Backwards?

That has been my big
question this week
I know...Silly
But you know on your stats
it shows your total page views and
it is kinda fun watching where
my visitors are from
and how many stop by.
But I swear...mine started going
backwards a few months ago.
It gets up to a certain number
and POOF...A few thousand
Has this happened to anyone else?
Am I loosing my mind?
(Do not answer that)
The picture above is one my hubby
made for our family campground.
And I think it fits the situation
pretty well.
Let me know if any of you have
this happen too...and if you know
why it does it.
Cause it is starting to bug me. Lol
Take care!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clip Art I.C.S. Reference Library Plates 1909 From Leaping Frog Designs Free Images

Wonderful Architecture and Ornament
images from I.C.S. Reference Library
This book has quite a bit of water damage
and the pages are wavy.
As you can tell some of them did not scan well
If anyone has any advice on how I can flatten them
back out I would sooooo appreciate it.
Not to worry about preserving
the book.  It has fallen apart.
But the plates are fantastic
and many are in color.
I will continue to scan them
and work on cleaning them up
so that I can share them with you all.
Have a great Friday!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Few Photo's From The Day-Love Yourself You Are Beautiful

On the Ladies Restroom wall

One of the signs on my brother-in-laws barn.
He has good

Nothing is quite the same as swinging from
an oak branch.

Pretty flowers on Larry and Jodies hill

Jodie's lovely red earring

Beautiful Hen's and Chicks

I Just Tried My Hand At Video Montage On YouTube

I have been playing with youtube
this last week
and making video montage's of some
of the items I have listed
in my etsy store
It has been kind of fun
I just can not seem to get
my own music on to the play list.
lol..oh well
I hope here is one to share with you
Just click the link and it should take you right there

Saturday, June 18, 2011

For My Mother

This picture I found in a 1917 book
reminds me of my own mother reading to me
when I was young.
Yesterday my mom had a little scare
she ended up in the hospital
with a silent heart attack scare
Thankfully...That was not what it was
It was respiratory in nature
but at 78
It gave us  a little bit of a shake up.
All is well today
She has medicine to help her breath and
an inhaler and she was able
to come back home.
 I am off to see how she is doing
Hugs to you all!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Free Photo And Clip Art Friday Flowers And Botanicals

Good Golly is it Friday
This week has gone by so ultra fast
I had plans with Jill
but have yet to make it over
to her house to do them
(sorry Jillian)

I have been a little
frustrated with blogger
comments the last week also.
My own issues with responding back
to all of you who leave me comments
and in return...I have not been
able to leave comments on others blogs
I thought that was fixed yesterday with
un-checking the Leave me signed in thingy
but again this morning I am
having trouble.

So with all that in mind...Tiffany. 
It would not let
me leave a comment
on your blog this morning.
 I am so
Happy you Love the ephemera envelope
your pictures of it are Divine!
Thank you for showing it off !!!
Tiffany of The Cranky Queen
was my Giveaway winner
You can tootle over to her blog to
see the pictures she has posted and all
the other Simply Divine projects she
has been working on also.

Now those pictures I promised you

From my friend Kay's lovely flower garden
Fushias and a Begoina


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Domino's Re-Do With A French Twist Have Arrived At Last At Leaping Frog Designs

At long last this afternoon
I added to my Etsy store
More of my Domino Re-Do's
I am in love with these little
mini canvas
This one is called
In Byron's Garden
Next is
Summer In Paris

This one has not been named yet

Hot Pink Marie

And last
Simone Dreams

As you can see
There are quite a few more left
in my work tray
to finish up
and add
or Friday you should see them start to show up.
Thanks for letting me share tonight.

Mornings In The Studio

I thought today I would
share with you some photo
shots from around my studio
and some of the projects
I have been working on

The sun has finally decided to come
and stay for a few days
(fingers crossed)
A bunch of clouds are coming through

The light in this room is just fantastic
Mornings...I greet the sunrise with
the window that faces East
Evenings..I get the back splash from the sunsets
My North window gives me constant cool light
Most days just the natural light is what
I work by

A rose bush has grown quite lusty in the east window
so beautiful pink blossoms will be my view soon

This lion face planter has three faces...
It needs a wash up...

I love using old plated silver to hold my
tools and what nots
Color and light is what it is all
about here
I found this beautiful flat marble tray
at an estate sale last week
Perfect for my speaker to sit on...and the
light comes blazing across it
lighting it all up
The Domino project
These beauties will be in my etsy store later today
(fingers crossed)
I adore them...
The idea of using re-using an object
that has been discarded by someone else
(go back several months and you will see the original
story of how the domino redux came
to life)
Has always been part of what my own personal
art is about.
This fantastic frame came
into my hands a few
weeks ago
It is perfect for the Junkin Gypsies logo
Next some glass and it will
be ready to hang
here in my studio
I love this image
some very special books Jill and I
have been working on
the last week to send to some
dear friends.

This next week...Junkin Gypsies
has a couple of big projects
going on and
we will be sharing that with
you on our blog.
School is life gets hectic
(and fun)
for many of us
I have one more image
to share with you.
It was a gift from my dear
friend Jill
I have this in a book
but she found it loose and knew
it had to hang in my studio
Now to find a frame
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday
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