Friday, June 17, 2011

Free Photo And Clip Art Friday Flowers And Botanicals

Good Golly is it Friday
This week has gone by so ultra fast
I had plans with Jill
but have yet to make it over
to her house to do them
(sorry Jillian)

I have been a little
frustrated with blogger
comments the last week also.
My own issues with responding back
to all of you who leave me comments
and in return...I have not been
able to leave comments on others blogs
I thought that was fixed yesterday with
un-checking the Leave me signed in thingy
but again this morning I am
having trouble.

So with all that in mind...Tiffany. 
It would not let
me leave a comment
on your blog this morning.
 I am so
Happy you Love the ephemera envelope
your pictures of it are Divine!
Thank you for showing it off !!!
Tiffany of The Cranky Queen
was my Giveaway winner
You can tootle over to her blog to
see the pictures she has posted and all
the other Simply Divine projects she
has been working on also.

Now those pictures I promised you

From my friend Kay's lovely flower garden
Fushias and a Begoina


And the botanicals
Have a great Friday!!

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