Monday, January 30, 2012

Vintage Image German Childrens Primer Love And The Lion

I think the lion himself is a little iffy
But I love the letters
and since Valentines is next month
I thought some of you might like this

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vintage Valentine Post Card French Forget Me Not From Leaping Frog Designs

Some New Items In My Etsy Store This Week

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough
to stumble on three fantastically (is that
a word?) Old Cigar
Boxes...Santa Fe's And Shoe Peg's
Oh the graphics are divine
I have filled them up with
wonderful antique treasures
from my stash and
am listing them in the
Here is the first one.
Old embroidery
a cool antique drawer pull
Ah!!  A tiny skeleton key
Silver spoons
I love them decorated with
lovely pictures and glitter
A scattering of beautiful faces
and music paper
A delightful Spencerian Calling Card
Mother of Pearl necklace,
Rhinestone scatter pin
and button
And a little nosegay of
paper flowers wrapped with
a couple of yards of hug snug.
Oh...And I can not forget the
glitter..a sweet antique salt
shaker filled with glass glitter.
As I put these together
I was trying to envision
what I would want to play
with in an inspiration kit.
There are so many
of what you can create
Glue book pages
Mixed Media Collage
Valentines Card
Mothers Day

Thanks for stopping by!

Free Vintage Moth PNG Image Phalene For You From Leaping Frog Designs

Watercolor Poppy Free PNG Image For You From Leaping Frog Designs

Friday, January 27, 2012

Big Fish Free Vintage PNG Image From Leaping Frog Designs

Well...It has been so
wet here in the Willamette Valley
I have a swimming pool in my yard
and my flat I thought I would
add some fish.
Hope you enjoy this little fellow
More to come
he (or is it a she)
comes from an old encyclopedia.

Free Photo Friday Standing The Test Of Time Old Cabinet Cards And Couple

Some great old photo's for you
Don't forget. Visit
my other blog
Yes I know it is an extra extra
long adress but really worth it.
I am adding free images
every day. So stop by
become a follower
so you get updates.
Have a great Friday!!

Beautiful Mexican Butterfly PNG Image Yellow Swallowtail Free Friday Images

For some reason all these butterflies
I have been working on are making
me think spring!!
Another fantastic Mexican Butterfly
No name given in the encylopedia it came from.
Happy Friday!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little Sale In My Etsy Shop This Week

Yahoo!! Yippee Yeah!!!

I am having a little sale this week in
my Etsy store...
Time to thin off the
so more can be added
(Tee Hee)
Above--The most fantastic
baby book I have ever seen
By S. Alice Bray
(Yes..This fantastic baby book is on sale!)
Very cool old little box that
is full of old wood thread spools
All the spools have embroidery floss on
A very beautiful large
Murano mirror
Yep..She is on sale too.
But those flowers are digital
lol...Hiding me taking the
What a great Mother's Day

A divine Victorian Celluloid Photo Album

Vintage Post cards
from 1900
They are not in the best of
shape so I am selling them
as cutters.
There will be several packets of these.

So...If you feel like doing a little shopping
this week please come on by.
Have a cup of tea and poke around a
Thanks so much!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Castle Entry Vintage Photo 1912 The American Architect

I have no idea if this is a castle entry
or not..But I liked the way it sounded.
This was used as a scrapbook page
The other side has pictures glued to it.
The Scrapbook album is from 1913
and seems to be a photography
student's collection.
Watch for more beautiful
pictures from this fascinating
scrapbook.  It is full of
children and lovely women.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free Collage Sheet For You Red Hearts

A sheet full of lovely red hearts
for you.  This is an old end paper
and I thought it looked so
Van Gogh like.
Print on to 8 1/2 x 11 paper

Typography German Upper Case Alphabet Vintage 1887 Childrens Primer

Lovey old page
from a childrens primer
Dated 1887

Friday, January 20, 2012

Vintage Violet Wishing Well Post Card

When I trim my post cards
for posting usually I leave
an edge around the card.
When using a copy in
my own projects my goal
is to make the post card
or cabinet card  look
like it has traveled  thru life
just like the original would of.
So having a little room around
the image to work with is
I use a good quality paper,
then fold my edges and
tear gently giving
the card or photo a soft
edge.  Next I use
one of Tim Holtz Distress Inks
to color the edges and parts
of the image.
It gives a piece a more
authentic vintage feeling
and blends into your
projects seamlessly.


New Treasures In My Etsy Store This Week

It has been a busy week
Getting my swap tin done
adding several new items
to my Etsy and Ebay stores.
Here is a little peek
at what I have been up
Le Cirque Inspiration pack
You all may remember
I used to put these together when I was
Jill's Partner over at Junkin Gypsies
My inspiration packs are full of
really cool images from
my own collection
as well as other images I have
found for you.
I try to put 70 pieces
in them. lol..but they keep

This one is my Sophie Pack
Isn't she beautiful.

This pack is full of flowers and butterflies
music paper and lots of

Part of my own inspiration for these
packs have been my glue book journal classes

All of my packs have vintage ephemera
as well as copies of images
I think fit well with the theme.
No two packs are ever the same.

I love opening a packet
spreading it onto my work table
and having so many pieces to
create with.

I have a fantastic antique encyclopedia
this week too.
Kind of a gruesome
Cut out but it is sooo

A spaghetti Poodle
(they always make me smile)

A cool old Kodak storage box
And a vintage enamel stamp
box for your desk.

Come visit-do a little shopping.
I am offering a 20% discount
to all of my blog friends.  So all
you have to do is let me know
at check out that you
came over from my blog
and I will apply it.

Have a fantastic Friday.
Don't forget to come back later
for more of my free images!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vintage Clip Art Little Pink Southern Belle PNG Image

Perfect little embellishment for
cards or tags
the original is about 1 inch tall
from a Mother's Day Card
I hope you enjoy her.
There are 7 more little
gals in this set and I will
be adding them
as they are finished.
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