Monday, January 31, 2011

Jessie And Florence An Exciting Group Of New Vintage Photo Freebies From the 1900's

 What an interesting photo...It makes me think that they may of been camping.    I  love the tent in the background...The little girl looks like she has been enjoying the day....Keep going...Jessie and Florence are at the bottom.
 This was a great find...An interior home shot..I have a piece of table embroidery almost like this one.  Sadly there was no info on the photo so I have no idea where it is.
 Sometimes you find a picture that makes you laugh.  This cabinet card has a name on the back...Jal Stodler.  This was a real treasure for me to find.  None of my photo's in my collection are like this one.
 I have been looking lately for photo's that have jewelry in them...or other decorations.
 This picture says on the back.  Grandma Julia Ramsey about 20 years old.  Died of pneumonia at age 67.
This mother and baby look soooo happy.  Their names are Jessie Flander and Florence.  Dated 1906  Florence is 3 months old.  This picture is pretty rough..Almost destroyed to fit ito a frame I would guess.  I can imagine Jessie's dress swishing and crackling as she moved...Little Florence poofed into her beautiful christening gown.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Blast From The Past Lemay And Jill Our Gypsy Days

It seems like a million years ago..But in reality it was only about 30.  I found this wonderful picture of Jill  (Feathers and Flight ) and I from way back when a few weeks ago.  One of my old photo albums has fallen completely apart so it is time for a redo.  My hubby (just my boyfriend back then) was an events photographer when he was in college and we talked him into taking pictures for us.  Looks like we had some fun with our makeup, and I look like a curly poodle.  lol...Oh those were the days.  I really loved the skirt and blouse I had on...My mom made me the skirt.  That was the time of Gunny Sax....Remember those fantastic romantic dresses? 

Freebies Advertising Cards1881 Use Day's Soap Clip Art

Fantastic 1881 Advertising Cards.  I love this yellow moss rose card for Day's soap.  Enjoy!!

Vintage Brass Cupids Sweet Pair

I love these sweet vintage cupids, the patina is lovely. They are two sided

                      Beautiful on hang tages, mixed media, collage, atc, jewelry designs.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Can I Be Your Sweet Pea Backgammon Redux Pendant

 I just listed this sweet Matchbox set on Etsy...I am calling it.. Can I Be Your Sweet Pea?
I am so sweet...My little wings flit and fly. Can I be your Sweetest Little Sweet Pea?

Comes with a pretty silk ribbon for wearing...Or..Hang on a lamp, in your work cubical..A touch of whimsy to bring you Smiles.

In a pretty little matchbox decorated to match. Perfect Valentines Gift!!!

Dominoes Redux Paris Butterflies And Roses Quite A Little Surprise

     Last night I got a pretty big shock from my dear husband....In fact.  It is the second time he has shocked me in the last week.   He came home from work.  Sauntered over to the work table I have set up in our family space and said. 
"Can you make one of your pretty boxes for me? I want to give it to a co-worker who is totally stressed at work" 
     I almost fell over.  My hubby has always been supportive of my crafting and art.  Not always the most  excited participant.  His answers back to my queries like.  "Isn't this pair of antique carriage springs I just found FANTASTIC!!!"  or...Will you come help me pick up this antique trunk I found by the side of the road...I need the truck!  Are usually met with a slight smile and a "Yes Dear".  So when I started this little domino project.  Well I was so surprised you could of knocked me over with a feather.  He thinks these are just wonderful.  It just meant so much to me that he liked them. 

    I did not have much time to take pictures after it was finished.  He had to be out at 5 am and that is not the best time for taking  So Here it is. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dominoes Redux With A Valentines Twist Whisper Sweet Words Of Love My Dear

                  Just Listed in my Etsy store this morning...I just love this little Valentines Set
Vintage plastic dominoes destined to be in a landfill somewhere...rescued and transformed into beautiful trinkets. Sweet Valentines theme...edged in German gold scrap (I really do not know why they call it scrap...will have to google that) Anyway. A sweet matchbox decorated with a vintage rhinestone button finishes the set. I have some of my French theme dominoes stashed about. They are so pretty on a
Delightful Valentines gift...or a special little treat just for you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Fun Afternoon Shopping And Brainstorming With The Gypsies

 Today was supposed to be a brainstorming creating day for Jill and I.   We have a new venture together and there is quite a lot of work involved before we can unveil it here on blotspot and Etsy.
Sooo...What do we end up doing after an hour of talking and eating toffee?  (Lauren brought us a wonderful lunch of humus and flat bread topped off with wonderful toffee from Trader Joe's)
We went shopping at the craft stores.  These delightful pictures are from Michael's.  I can not wait until this isle is finished...Really I don't think one is going to be enough.

 Look at all the yummy French bling they have brought in.......I really want one of these wire Eiffel towers (You can never have too many Eiffel towers about)
 They still have quite a bit of stock to bring in it looks like.....
 The Gypsies found some bling....You can't tell in the packages...But these are pretty flower rings.
 We love Michael's dollar bins...Look at these fun note cards Jill found.
Lauren found some neat stickers and big alphabet letters on the bottom shelf.
I keep forgetting to take pictures when we are at Ben Franklin...That is our local small craft store and it very nice.  They have a wonderful selection of scrap booking papers and a very good bead and charm section.  We went there first...So next time I will remember to take pictures.

Freebie Vintage Valentines Post Card 1918

            Very cute vintage post card.  I love that cupid is dressed as
           a mail man.  I cropped it down a little because the card is in
          kind of bad shape.  But I just could not pass it up.  I hope you enjoy

Friday, January 21, 2011

Antique Mother Of Pearl French Lace Fan The Newest Addition To The Collection

 Sometimes...When you have the smallest amount of cash in your wallet...You stumble upon one of those Estate sales that you wish you had not even found.  Today was one of those days.
 After picking my son up from school....I saw a huge green sign...I grinned and said.  Ha Here we go Jordan..Laughing gleefully..He groaned.
 I knew I only had three dollars in my wallet...Really who goes to an Estate sale with only 3 bucks (ME!)
 As I scanned the house my eyes almost popping out..So many beautiful things. Such reasonable prices.  Really!...Then there in the back a box wrapped with green tape.  There it was...A man was standing right in front of it...I held my breath.  Would he see what I did?
 I let out my breath as he moved away...It was so hard not to pounce.  On the tape it said 2 dollars.  Really?  Could that be...Maybe it was miss marked...hmm. I opened it carefully. 
                                            Oh Joy!!!   
 The lace was intact...The mother of pearl stays...a few are broken.  It is missing the metal piece at the bottom. It may of been gold or silver and at one time was just scrapped...

On the bottom of the box it says that it was received as a gift when the owner was 5 years old in 1918...It came from China.  Just the other day I had been saying to Jill and Lauren that I really wanted a mother of pearl fan for my collection.  This one needs some restoration.  I am going to look into it and see how much it would cost.  For a 2 dollar investment I think I did pretty darn good.  Now to find a case for it...
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