Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dominoe Redux With A French Twist Set

Who says you have to live with ugly useless things laying around...Lol. A few months ago my wonderful dad handed me a handful of dominoes he had found in the garage. You just have to love my dad...He finds me the most amazing things to play with. He said.. "I saw these and just thought you could do something with them". Yep.. He knows me well. I would really call myself a recycle artist. I see things other people throw away and I want to make them useful..or beautiful.

I adore this little set. I can just see them tucked on an office desk...on a book shelf, mantel, bedside table. Oh my gosh..Just anywhere you want something pretty. Perfect gift too!!!

The matchbox is decorated with a sweet vintage rhinestone pin...and a lovely lovely antique black glass Victorian button. Delightful
I just listed this beautiful dominoe set on Etsy this morning!!!


  1. LUCKY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the Domino's for sticking in one of my swaps for Moulin Rouge Art Event in March. I am excited. THANKS!

  2. Oh my Gosh!!!! Charlene you sweetie!!!! Lol...I can not wait to send these to you! Thank you dearie!!!


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