Monday, January 17, 2011

Dominoes Redux With A French Twist

Who says you have to live with ugly useless things laying around...Lol.  A few months ago my wonderful dad handed me a handful of dominoes he had picked up at a garage sale for free...  You just have to love my dad...He finds me the most amazing things to play with.  He said.. "I saw these and just thought you could do something with them".  Yep.. He knows me well.  I would really call myself a recycle artist.  I see things other people throw away and I want to make them useful..or beautiful.

These beautiful images came from ArtCult on Etsy...I cut them out and glued them to the domino's with Zig glue.  Then I took some scrap Dresden gold foil edging I had and finished them off.   I had tried using the Jim Holtz Distress Ink on them..but for some reason it is not compatible with the plastic of the dominoes and does not dry.  I am going to make some more of these lovelies..and put them in some tins I am finishing (also recycled-remember when AOL used to send disks in the mail...yep. I saved the tins).  A set of them may end up in the giveaway I am planning.  These are fun and quick and easy to do.  Where will I put them..I have no idea...maybe a pretty bowl of them in the bathroom.  Or set on the mantel.  I just love them...


  1. Me too they are wonderful and lucky you, your dad is great, bringing you goodies to play with.. I just thinking do i have some dominos to play with???? Mmmmm let's see

    Hugs wendy

  2. These are Very Cool May!!! I Love them! Thank you Dad! Hmmm So Many Ideas!!


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