Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vintage Clip Art International Flags Gaskell's Compendium of Forms From Leaping Frog Designs

Two Beautiful Pages from an amazing
book I found last week
Once I figure out how to scan this extra large
beauty I will share more with you

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thank You Jill !!!

Thank You Jill
For fixing my blog tonight
It looks great.
Yep...Thats right.
I had to beg Jill to help me fix my background
and as usual she came thru for me
Thank You Dearie!!!!

Freebie Friday Vintage Clip Art Food Typewriter 1888 Patterns And Crochet Patterns

Some fun images for you this Friday
Don't forget to stop over at my other blog
That I share with Jill 
Junkin Gypsies for more free Friday images!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vintage Clip Art A Seranade Sweet Cherubs Music Love

I came across this interesting print
the other day in a stack of book plates
found at an estate sale.
It seems to be all about composers
and has etchings of all the majors
This one makes me laugh...Look at those cherubs

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Free Friday Clip Art Freebie Images Feather Background Marble

I love this feather book cover
and the marble sheet is from 
a fantastic volume published in 1892

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I Am Working On Today-Poetry Book Re-Do

I think dear friends there is a studio
plan at last in my head
Yes...I have made some sketches so that
things keep on
This week...A big step towards the new bookshelves
I so want.
Having a Bead-Book and Button sale
in my folks front yard.
Ha...Yes their yard.
Mine is too hot and the traffic is much
different over in my parents neighborhood.
My dear dad...bless him for letting me
have the sale...Is taking advantage and
putting some of his fantastic finds out too.
We both are De-stashing I guess
Lots of books are going from the studio
one's I have collected thinking I would do something
anything with them.
But alas..time runs fast and they are still here
Last night while making dinner
one of the books called to me and I had to do something with it.
Ah ha....
I love the etchings Jill has been digging out
and I have been wanting to make something with them.

This is a book is called
The World's One Thousand Best Poems
(In Ten Volumes)
Volume 4
An ok much and loved at one time
but not very pretty
So...I have dressed it up some.
Still to add...some postcards inside
maybe a short letter from one friend to the other
tucked into the pages
perhaps a dried flower.
Then it will be ready to go.
I will have it at the garage sale..
Just for fun to see if it will sell.
It felt soooo good to make something-
what with kids and camping and other summer stuff
my creative self has had to take a rest.
It is good to know she is still in
Have a great day everyone!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Free Vintage Clip Art Inspiration Magazine Oct 1922 Deliniator Fashions And Sheet Music From Leaping Frog Designs

A little mid week surprise for you
some new vintage clip art

Our Amazing 50th Birthday Camping Party

Well I guess it is time to
post a blog...all the camping gear has
been put away...That wonderful
smokey camp fire smell has been washed
from our clothes.
Sticky marshmallow scrubbed off the
hot dog sticks....
I love camping
This year my husband did something a
little different and special.
You see last week was my
50th Birthday.
So instead of just us camping
he threw me a Camping Birthday Weekend Bash
And we had several friends and family
come with us.
Our camp site is pretty primitive
No running water...or electricity
On the edge of my Grandparents farm
right on the Willamette River
A beautiful and Special place
We came down to the site on Friday
with our friends Shannon and Jason
They have 5 kids...3 came camping

Can you tell from the chairs.
It made me laugh as the chairs kept
coming out.
It looked like a movie theater.
Once camp was set up
the boys headed to the river.
Mine is on the

That night we played
with glowsticks..
Baked potatoes on the fire
watched the stars
and the bats
Laughed late into the night

The next day
More swimming in the river for the kids
Rock hounding for us grown ups.
I wandered down to the river and took a nap
Bees buzzing-birds singing
Our friend Dana came
Nate and Kacy too
Lar and Jodie my hubby's brother and sister-in-law
The camp was filling up

After a long day of playing
Dinner at last.

Saturday night...
Heron that squawked in the night
Glow sticks-Lots of laughter
The next morning coffee tasted so good
More river walking
Kids swimming till they wore themselves out
Around noon
My sister showed up and more visiting
After lunch my husband booked into town for the cake
he had ordered (He did this all by himself..jeesh)
And after he got back it was time to decorate

They all had fun with crepe paper
Now bear with me...I know this blog is getting really long
More friends showed up who did not want to camp
My cousin Lance too
And then I guess it was time for them
all to make me cry.
I was so overwhelmed that Jer and Jordan had done
this for me.
Before everyone came
my son had given me his gift.
It is not a good picture
But maybe you can tell what it is.
An agate he had found in the river
It looks like a moonstone (but it is not)
 His dad had it made into a pendant
Jordan had found it when he was walking in the
river by
our camp  with my sister two weeks before
He said he knew he wanted to give it to me for my
birthday the moment he picked it up.
The afternoon
was so fun
My sister-in-law
gave me a most ingenious gift and it made us all
50 gifts that each had 50 items in them
And...inside the 50 gifts...50 50cent pieces
that's a lot of 50's
I wish I had pictures for you.
My own sister's gift was a book of memories
And with every decade a gift.
One made me cry very hard..
My Grandmother's Betty Crocker Cook Book
lol..She got me with that one.

We had burgers and hot dogs for dinner
Yummy salads everyone had brought.
Kay had given me stargazer lily's and
their fragrance filled the campsite.
One last surprise visitor.
Erin and her sweet pea Sophie
Erin had run a triathlon earlier in the day
and still managed to make it.
Sophie was a little angel..She loves nature
And was making googly eyes at Jordan
Sweet Sophie is named after Erin's cat
who she got from me. Tee hee

The day at last came to a close...
Kay and Dave headed home....
Lance off too....
Erin and Sophie home to a well deserved rest...
Shannon and her gang pulled out...trying to get home by
Things became quiet
We sat by the fire
talking about our day.
My family and friends
kept me laughing late into the night
Jordan and I played with glow sticks again
It was a wonderful Birthday party.
I know this is pretty long...and there is still a whole
weeks worth of camping left.
But I had to share these first  few days with you.
My husband put this whole
thing together mostly on his own
My sister offered to did my sister-in-law
and Shannon and Jill (Poor Jill-they missed out cause of a trip
to Canada)
But he did it all himself.
(well..Larry did help him with the invites)
That's my hubby..enjoying a moment
watching us all having fun in the
Thank you Jer for a wonderful week
and an amazing Birthday!!!
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