Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Free Friday Vintage Clip Art Post Card ATC Sheet

Here is a sheet of ATC sized Christmas
post cards for you..
For personal use only please.
I have been teaching myself photo shop
so be patient with me.  I love sharing with you
what I have learned to make.
Just save them to your computer
and print.

Hope you all have a fantastic fun Black Friday
We plan on stopping by our local Farmers Market
and Saturday Market today. Shopping Local


Monday, November 21, 2011

Vintage Christmas Post Card Free Clip Art

Three favorites from my
Post Card Collection
I hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Ornaments For My Mother

I can not believe Christmas is right around the
This year has passed so quickly...
seems like school just started for my son
and here it is almost winter break
Talking about Christmas before
Thanksgiving seems kind of pushing it
for many of you I know...
Oh well...I don't care
I need Christmas this year.
Not the gift giving...
That I could really do without
But the gathering in...
Bringing family and friends close.
In my mind I see us all being gently held  in
beautiful soft angel wings.
That is my goal this season
To keep my heart and mind open
Making sure those I hold dear know
I love them and cherish them
Not just now in this moment.
But always.

This has been an interesting year
of changes for my family.
My mother who is 77 fell early in the
year hurting her knee.
It has kept her off her feet most
of this year.  My dad who is 80 has
had to pick up much of mom's household
chores..My sister and I help too
and do some cooking for them.
Now with the holiday's approaching
we find ourselves at a new spot.
How do we do Thanksgiving and Christmas?
My Mother has always been the Holidays.
Lol...Does that make no sense?
My parents home is where the whole family
gathers on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
All of us from 5 families.
And any friends who need family too.
So this year is a change.
I find myself looking forward to it.

Part of my folks projects this last fall
has been cleaning out.
They have been going thru their garage
and finding treasures to pass on to my sister and I
Mom has also been cleaning out her baking supplies
When she gave me some vintage tart tins
it got me to thinking.
And...These are what
I came up with
These are the larger
tart tins
I painted them with Martha Stewart Paints
(Sorry Martha but I do not like your paints)
added lots of glitter
Used some of my stash of small mercury
glass garland balls..
I made a collage sheet of the images
that I wanted to use.
(You can find
that in a previous post for free)
Mom loves the Frances Brundage children
and this whole set of ornaments  is for her.  I
Used vintage chandelier crystals on a couple
and rhinestones..
some of the fantastic
ribbon that Jill and I sell in our Junking Gypsies store.
I love the way they turned out.
Mom does too..She made laugh
Yesterday we pulled out her books of vintage wallpapers
(You see I come by very naturally)
She is going to make pretty fans to go with them
on her tree.
Sorry this is so long...
I think it is time to finish this and get
to my Saturday chores
So I can play in my studio later
Happy Saturday to you all!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free Collage Page For You Victorian Girls Leaping Frog Designs

Good Thursday Morning to you all
Been a bit busy here...Just finished up
my first batch of tart tin ornaments
and wanted to share with you
the sheet I made up.
Later today I will add
a picture of the ornaments
My mom loves the old Victorian
Christmas images
so I made these with her in mind
(since the ornaments are for her tree)

Here you go.
Please remember I am posting
these for your personal use only
On 8 1/2 x 11 paper
2.5 inch circles (or they should be)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vintage Clip Art Free The Letter A Marie Antonette Fichue Godey's 1864

I have some new images for you
from The Godey's Lady's Book
from 1864
This last week I have at
last delved into the Photo shop program
and have had fun coloring images
So much to learn
like...remember to double save your
original images.
I did I do not have an un-color
images to offer you on the
sweet girl with the hair net.
Also...learning the correct size to save
so we can use it.
I love it tho.  I thought it would
be difficult to learn but what you
need is lots of time...Pretty hard
to eek out most days..but so
worth it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Girls Night And Inchie Houses With Friends

This morning as I had my coffee
I had a chance to catch up on
my blog reading.
Wendy at Bliss Angels
had a great post about
Inchie Houses
(can you hear me giggling)
Little tiny houses
Oh My
Right up my alley.
I made about 6 in 20 Min. and
was hooked.
I decided to take them to
Girls Night
Girls night at Kay's
has become a fun mid week
Her hubby plays pool
and if mine is in town
(He travels a lot)
we do girls night
This is the first time we have
I realized more supplies need
to go in the travel basket
Kay did not even have string
lol..Home of a non crafter
The template for these cute inchies
I used some pretty Christmas paper
and printed the template on the other side
I wish I had caught a picture of
Tracy's before she took off
she cut out people and flowers
Very cool.

Kay and Tracy were very nice and let
me take their pictures as they made their
little houses.
This is one project I am going to be playing with more
it is so fun...and has so many possibilities
First a set for my Christmas tree..then maybe
a few for my mom and sister...

Thanks Wendy...I too am now hooked on
these great little houses.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vintage Clip Art Housekeepers Chatelaine 1864 Godey's Lady's Book

I came across this fantastic
Chatelaine this evening
in my 1864 Godey's
I took the scissors and other items off
be cause I thought the bow was so yummy
The bottom image is without the background

Monday, November 7, 2011

Vintage Clip Art Borders From ICS Library

Two beautiful borders out of
ICS Library
I love this vintage book.
Full of instructions
on how to embellish the
Victorian home
Just copy and paste to

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time To Catch Up Halloween Finish And A Trip To Walmart

Well as if you didn't already know
It is November at last....
Hopefully I am not the only one
ready to put Halloween away
so that I can move on to
I said it
Already the ornaments are
coming out
and I have started to
decorate my studio
There...I said it
My sister can howl at me
When I was growing up...
being the eldest
I got it in my head that we could not put
up any Christmas Ornaments
or have any Christmas music
until after Thanksgiving
My family for some reason
let me get away with it...
Go figure.... soon as
dinner was off the table
my sister would dive into
the Christmas supplies stashed
in my parents kitchen
in one special spot
First thing out
The wall music box.
My mother and her sisters
would sit around the table
talking and laughing...
and my sister and I would
scrabble about
Christmas decorations
coming out too early.
Time flies...
Now that I am an adult
so way past childhood it isn't funny
I feel like a little kid.
Halloween is over
time is short.
I want my Christmas Decorations out
But first...
I have to show you what
has come in the mail the last week.
Hosted an Altered Tin Swap in September
If you go to her site you can see all the
wonderful and delightful creations
from the participants
Here is some pictures for you
of the tin my sweet partner
Lisa sent me.
I love the little swinging Owl

Thank you so much for the
ATC and Hanging Art

I loooove them

Last but not least..
and I know this has been a very long
post today...
Tee Hee!
Christmas Decorations!
Look what I found today.

OMG!...The Butterflies
have soo many possibilities
Now I am off to do a bit
of decorating!!!
I will have ornaments to
show you in a couple of days

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