Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Girls Night And Inchie Houses With Friends

This morning as I had my coffee
I had a chance to catch up on
my blog reading.
Wendy at Bliss Angels
had a great post about
Inchie Houses
(can you hear me giggling)
Little tiny houses
Oh My
Right up my alley.
I made about 6 in 20 Min. and
was hooked.
I decided to take them to
Girls Night
Girls night at Kay's
has become a fun mid week
Her hubby plays pool
and if mine is in town
(He travels a lot)
we do girls night
This is the first time we have
I realized more supplies need
to go in the travel basket
Kay did not even have string
lol..Home of a non crafter
The template for these cute inchies
I used some pretty Christmas paper
and printed the template on the other side
I wish I had caught a picture of
Tracy's before she took off
she cut out people and flowers
Very cool.

Kay and Tracy were very nice and let
me take their pictures as they made their
little houses.
This is one project I am going to be playing with more
it is so fun...and has so many possibilities
First a set for my Christmas tree..then maybe
a few for my mom and sister...

Thanks Wendy...I too am now hooked on
these great little houses.

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