Friday, February 25, 2011

Seam Bias Tape Flowers Step 2 Added ToThe Cuff

 Excuse my pictures....They are a little out of sequence
The seam bias tape flowers
in green
I Looove green
and I also like reversing colors
 I decided to use all of these green flowers and you know...the ones
I thought were too poofy
look really great
and the ones I liked that have fewer petals.. They are ok, but not as lush
on this cuff.

This is how she started out...The edging from a vintage pillowcase
and pretty peach brocade
Underneath peach bias tape vine...I wish I had grabbed pink or maybe
you can't see it anyway...
There is much more to add I can feel it
More crystals...a few more smaller
flowers. It is hard to say
when it is finished.
The inside still needs lined...Maybe that beautiful antique peridot
velvet I have been saving.
I can see several loose threads need snipped

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seam Bias Flowers The First Attempts

Bias tape flowers
Currently the project on my table is a Victorian cuff type wrist let.
It started out with some beautiful soft peach brocade.
Edged with hand crochet pillow edging.
But...just covering it with crystal beads like the last one really
is not much of a  I thought it was time to learn how to make
some ribbon flowers.
There are some wonderful tutorials on you tube.
But for some reason last night they would not play for me. 
As you can the right, my first flowers are very poofy,
but it did not take me long to figure out that was not the look I was shooting for
so...Less tape...bigger stitches...Take your time..
and then you end up with flowers that look more like flowers and not
something so wild looking.
I am going to make a few more...and see if I can get them very tiny. 
Then add them to the cuff.
Pink vines to go with the green flowers...
Lots and lots of crystal beads
Perfect project to work on as my son does school projects and we watch the snow that we so seldom get here in Eugene.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Quiet Monday Mornings Are For Memories

     Last week while I was puttering around sorting and cleaning in my studio I opened
    a drawer in my vanity.  (My studio is one of our extra bedrooms...So it has some of my
    family  antiques serving double duty)  It is full of old love letters from my husband.  Pictures and
    mementos.  I have tried over the years to keep all my family and Jer's photo's together and
    more organized.  I really don't want them getting mixed up with any of the vintage photo's I
   collect for art or re-sale.  So when I saw these three and a few more I pounced and got them put
    away.  But not before I scanned them into the computer and had a chance to share them.  These
    pictures are all from my side of the family.  The top photo is of my dad Robert and his
    grandmother Ainge. I loved her name...She looks so unhappy and severe in this picture.  But
    the woman I knew was sweet and delightful.  She had a wonderful laugh.  I was really lucky to
    have had her in my life also and for so long.  

    The second picture is of the covered bridge on to Kiger Island Oregon.  My grandparents and
     mom went over that bridge for years to and from their farm before it had to be finally taken
     down.  As kids my sister and cousins and I would fish from the new bridge...our fish always fell
     off the hook before we got them up it...Silly kids. It is quite a lug to get your canoe or boat up
    from the river right there too...

    The last picture is of my grandfather Delbert Hathaway with his bees.  He was a beekeeper   and a farmer
    This is pretty late in his life..mid 80's I would guess from my memories.  He kept our whole
    family in honey and passed on to quiet a few of us the love of bees.  Sadly I can't handle them
    because I am so allergic.  But if you have ever had the pleasure of standing out in the hives.
    It is hard to describe.  Warm summer air....heavy with the harvest coming..the bees coming and
    going as fast as they can...Around my grandfather as you can see in the pictures...They became
    quiet and lazy..He used the smoker to calm them down..but if he was out with them alone he
    usually didn't need it.  Those bees loved him.

    Anyway...Some of my family photos and I wanted to share them before I tucked them away

Friday, February 18, 2011

This Weeks Big Project Victorian Cuff Bracelet

One of the things I have missed the last few years is my embroidery needles.  I put everything away after starting a huge crazy quilt project for my son.  Working on it at night after he and my husband went to bed really wore my eyes out...Last year finally breaking down bifocals came into my life...Thank Goodness!!!! I could see again at last. 

Cruising on the blog I have seen so many beautiful projects...It just did not hit me until this last Monday how much I yearned to create again with fabric and  beads.  It is so typical that the project you dream about making ends up not being the project you actually make...Maybe that only happens to me and not other people.  But it happens to me quite often...ha ha

I love pink...and I have a pretty piece of peachy pink brocade fabric that was going to be the base for my bracelet.  But.....This beautiful maroon-rusty satin has been calling to me for the longest time.  I rescued it from a large pile of junk left by my parents next door neighbors by the side of the road when they moved overseas. (I know..I know...I am a scrounge)  But it is so beautiful and it called to me to be rescued and made into something new.  Anyway....

Thought pink....ended up with maroon and black.  I really love how it turned out!
A single vintage earring...Hundreds of crystal beads in assorted sizes.  Two Victorian black glass buttons.  This was a lot of fun to make...and I have already pressed my next pieces of fabric to start the next one....The peachy pink brocade with a lush vintage gold satin...mmmmm

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inspiration Comes In The Mail A New Magazine And Some Lace

     A couple of weeks ago I was reading Diane Knotts blog  and she was sharing with everyone this fantastic new magazine that had just come out. Here is the link to where you can purchase it!!
           Diane has a beautiful article on page 8.  Follow the Lines Crazy Quilting
 If you are a crazy quilter, quilter, love embroidery and embellishment this is the new magazine for you.  I am in bliss....Really...BLISS
             My cup of tea is ready (organic Raspberry Earl)...Time to get lost
       for a while.  Oh...The mailman also brought a delivery of lace.  Happy Me.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

UPDATE Here It Is!! The Winners (Yep I Said Winners) Of My Tag Giveaway

Yeah Wendy of Bliss Angels and Anneke are my winners.  I need your address's so I can mail these to you!
Well ladies here you are....We have two lucky winners tonight.  My son Jordan pulled two cards out of the Toto basket.  He pulled the first one...and said with a wicked little grin.  "Ah Mom...Do Two" And in his hand went.  So here you are gals.  The first one is Anneke and the second is Wendy at Bliss Angels.  Do me a big favor and email me with your addresses and they will go out in tomorrow's mail.  Thank you all for joining me in my first giveaway.  It was and has been fun. My box is done and the next giveaway is in the works soon.  Now  I have some new followers to get to know and that is very exciting.  Have a great Valentines!!! And sending you all LOVE!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Tags Giveaway I Want To Share My Extra's

For once...I seem to be a few days ahead of a holiday.  Monday I saw these pretty images at ArtCult and just had to add them to my collection.  It seemed almost magic the way these flew together.  The pink taffeta ribbon that backs the tags was a find from my grandmothers sewing basket.  A small stash of ribbons rolled and folded I knew I wanted to make something pretty to share with my sister and friends.  These pretty tags are going to go along with decorated matchboxes filled with chocolates.  I have ended up with three extra tags and it occurred to me
that this would be a fantastic opportunity to practice run a giveaway....So here it goes.
                                 My giveaway to you this Valentines is a set of three tags.
You have to be a follower...If you are not a follower now and want to qualify for this giveaway...Just push that follow button.  Pretty easy. You can have a second chance at winning if you take my button.  Let me know in a comment you did so I can put your name in twice.  I will do the drawing Sunday evening.  You have to leave a comment to qualify.  The names of those who have left comments will be put into my Toto basket (you know...The kind Toto rode in) and my son Jordan will draw the name.  I will then post the winner.  I want to get these mailed out to you on Valentines so...crossing my fingers.  I know it is short notice...but sometimes life is more fun that way. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Shoe Clips Vintage Laurel Burch Silver And Enamel Just Listed On Etsy

What a lucky find. A pair of vintage Laurel Burch shoe clips. I love this designer and am always on the look out for her pieces. These are in great shape...need a little polishing up but that is it. Lovely clips!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentines Freebie Young Love Vintage Magazine Photo

This wonderful magazine photo slipped out of some sheet music I bought at an estate sale recently.  It is pretty large and I had to fold it down to fit in my scanner.  So I am thinking it came from a Life Magazine.  The adds on the back look to be from the late 40's or 50's.  I love this picture and I think I am going to make it up into a Valentines card to give my hubby.  What will you create with it?  I hope you enjoy!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Sneak Peek Of My First Giveaway Box...Still In Process

It is still far from done...But had to share with you today some of what has been done.  This lovely box is going to be given to one of my followers when it is finished.....Instructions on how to enter will be given when I post pictures of the completed project.  I am so excited...A little bit more work on the box then time to fill it up.  As you can see I have already started collecting into it because it is so darn cute.  See you all soon!!

Relaxation....I Am In Tamar's Treasury Today On Etsy

Tamar picked my fantastic Vintage Napier necklace for her treasury today...Click the link and you can go see the whole treasury and my necklace listing. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today's Project A Word Sheet

It always makes me chuckle to myself....With all the wonderful scrapbooking and collage supplies on line available at a mouse click.  There are times I just can not find what I am looking for.   Sooo...On that note...Today I am going to try my hand for the first time at making my own word sheet.  Wish me Luck! Lol

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Working On My First Giveaway Box-Found Treasures Just For You

When I first came to blogging one of the things that struck me was the strong sense of community many of us create here in our cyber world.  We are separated by such long, long distances.  Yet here on our blogs we have tea together, gather for wins and losses..Support each other with kind words and gentle prods.  It has been an amazing experience for me.  I am planning a project to say Thank You to my followers....If you have read any of my blogs you know I have been collecting my whole life.  My home is filled to the rafters (not in a weird way) with treasures I have "found" over the years.
  After dreaming away in my Somerset Life mags and visiting all my other blog friends who have done such beautiful giveaway's I decided it was something I wanted to do also.  This last week I found a pretty little box and have been busy decorating it...The next step will be filling it with what ever I find as I move around my studio.    Then...It will be time to post it and start the giveaway.  I can't wait...Can you?

And I need to add....Thank you to Art Blog for this great image.  Now I downloaded this before I "understood" about making sure I knew who I got them from before I saved them...(Jill explained it all to me..Thank you dearie!!) So if this did not come from Art Blog I apologize.  I have gotten much better abut making sure I give credit to my other bloggers for their fantastic images they share. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sometimes You Can Get Just Too Much Help

We are having some beautiful sunny weather here in our valley...But it is cold.
Every time I sit down to do some work one of my little helpers aka my sweet kitties comes to sit on me.  Not content to be on my lap...Momo trys to crawl up my shoulder stretched out across me.  Her soft pink nose tucked into the lobe of my ear.  The Kits Morris and Milo rest their heads on the corners of my laptop and keep licking my fingers as I type. much help...I think they want me to take a nap with them.  I keep trying to distract them with mouse toys...but no luck.  All they want is snuggles.  It must be time to turn on the heat in my studio and shut the door.  Out they go....But they so tempted me lol. 

The picture is of Morris...He spends a lot of time outside...His nose is Always dirty and check out those ears.  Sometimes he brings his catches home to share....Such a
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