Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sometimes You Can Get Just Too Much Help

We are having some beautiful sunny weather here in our valley...But it is cold.
Every time I sit down to do some work one of my little helpers aka my sweet kitties comes to sit on me.  Not content to be on my lap...Momo trys to crawl up my shoulder stretched out across me.  Her soft pink nose tucked into the lobe of my ear.  The Kits Morris and Milo rest their heads on the corners of my laptop and keep licking my fingers as I type. much help...I think they want me to take a nap with them.  I keep trying to distract them with mouse toys...but no luck.  All they want is snuggles.  It must be time to turn on the heat in my studio and shut the door.  Out they go....But they so tempted me lol. 

The picture is of Morris...He spends a lot of time outside...His nose is Always dirty and check out those ears.  Sometimes he brings his catches home to share....Such a

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  1. I am a new visitor to your blog & I'm very impressed. Love the old vintage pics...they tug at my heart. If they could only talk! Love your kitty cat...We have an outdoor kitty named Agnes, because as a small kitten her meow sounded like an old cranky lady we knew named wala! I have a new blog. Please visit if you have a chance and follow and leave a comment on my decor Your blog is so beautiful...mine still needs some work. Would appreciate any advice. Tiff


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