Sunday, February 13, 2011

UPDATE Here It Is!! The Winners (Yep I Said Winners) Of My Tag Giveaway

Yeah Wendy of Bliss Angels and Anneke are my winners.  I need your address's so I can mail these to you!
Well ladies here you are....We have two lucky winners tonight.  My son Jordan pulled two cards out of the Toto basket.  He pulled the first one...and said with a wicked little grin.  "Ah Mom...Do Two" And in his hand went.  So here you are gals.  The first one is Anneke and the second is Wendy at Bliss Angels.  Do me a big favor and email me with your addresses and they will go out in tomorrow's mail.  Thank you all for joining me in my first giveaway.  It was and has been fun. My box is done and the next giveaway is in the works soon.  Now  I have some new followers to get to know and that is very exciting.  Have a great Valentines!!! And sending you all LOVE!


  1. I won wow! thank you..... shock! I was reading your post and thinking I wonder who won ... and I see my name... wow that as made my day which hasn't turn out the best so far I hurt my hip last night and I'm having to rest in bed which is killing me because I want to get into the studio to play..... thank you thank... for making this day ....emailing now hugs wendy

  2. this is a very beautiful tag with pretty details


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