Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vintage Paper Glue Book Journal Tutorial From Leaping Frog Designs

Did you make it past that title?
This is my very first tutorial
so please be patient with me
I may be long winded in some
places and not say enough in others.
So..Here it goes

Vintage Dictionary Pages
Glue Book Journal

These are made from a 1906
Teacher Student Reference Set
The books are hand tied so they came
apart quite easily.
But the paper is beautiful.
My motivation for these
books comes from camping
and being outdoors. 
I love to write and sketch
and these are designed
to take with me as I wander.

So..Here we go

First Start with a section of book
Like this

Your book may have
more images than the ones
I have been working with.. If they don't
no worries..You can slip images in
as you go to create a theme if you
Here is a picture of the section open

On the left is a map of London
That will be the theme for this section
Travel..transportation...I found a neat bike and
the description on another page
So I crop it from the page it came from
since it was a loose page.
Save your bits and pieces of cropped paper
because you will want to use them to layer
onto the pagers later on.

Above is an assortment of vintage
papers cut and ready to use.
I like to use many different kinds..The first layer
is often transparent so that I can still see the
words and images underneath.
I use Liqutex Mate Gel..
Coat the back side of your paper and apply
to dictionary page.  It helps make your pages
good and ridged also.
Can you see how I have added different papers
shapes..sizes..Layering them up.
The bike has ended up on another page...
Each little section of paper..perfect size for a poem
or sketch of a leaf or sky.
When you are done adding all the pages
you want..It is time to finish the book
so you can use it.

For this book I used black artists tape.  It holds very well
I have also used the Tim Holtz tissue tapes and Washi Tape
All are wonderful and fun to play with.
Cut a piece as long as your page.  Position so that half is on one
page and half on the other.  Smooth down
Fold your page over and continue until you are done
with all the pages.
You should have something like this
in the picture above.
I used a piece of music book paper cover for the
outside edge..

Above are three more pages  from another
book Named
"Summer Scientific Exploration"
It is filled with places to
record what the moon looks like
how big bugs are...
What we find on our walks...
Fun stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial
Making vintage paper books has become
one of my new favorite things to do
It has been fun sharing with you.
Please leave me a comment or two
I would love to have some feedback on
what you all think.
Also...If you are looking for vintage paper
to play with come by my store
I have just started adding some vintage
blank paper sets.

Thanks so much!!

New Antique Books For My Library I Have To Share

Yesterday's mail brought
two sweet surprises
a day early.

Antique books!!


I was very fourtunate
recently to be offered
a copy of La Mode
at a pretty resonable

It has 18 hand colored plates
Bridal Dresses...Men in formal
A really lovely antique
She has a bit of an odor
but I think I can fix that.

The small book
sitting on top of the La Mode
in the picture.
When Jannett
told me she had a copy
of Language of Flowers
I was not sure what to expect.
I had kind of rushed over that
in the excitement of the La Mode
But when it came in yesterday
I was flabbergasted (fun word)

This little beauty is from 1836
I think it may be one of the oldest books in my library
to date.

There are 4 hand drawn and painted
The colors are exquisite
the descriptions of the flowers
and trees delightful.

My imagination takes me to
a different time.
A lovely young lady
strolling thru the gardens..or down the lane
small book in hand...Maybe
reading to her sisters
the bouquet her beau has just
brought her...
What memories the old books hold
This one was given as a gift once...
you can see the signatures.
I had to share both of them with you all
today because they are so wonderful.
Have a fantastic day!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage Corset Ad Free Image

I have a beautiful
Antique fashion magazine
from 1895
Full of lovely hats-dresses
and of course
Corset ads.
They are a lot of fun

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Insect Symbols Art Deco Background Free Image

I found the most AMAZING design
book earlier this year.
Full of  wonderful information
and wonderful designs.
This particular section is about
taking insects and working them
into your designs.
I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Image 1928 Franklin Airman Limited Car PNG Image


I spent a few hours today
going thru a 55 lb box
full of papers
130+ years old
Magazines, banking documents
pictures, children's books
(did I mention Magazines)
My favorites I sorted out
the rest are off to be donated
The cars are beautiful
Here is the first one I have
for you.
The Franklin
Airman Limited

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

St. George Church Vintage Etching Free PNG Image BLUE

I am not sure if many of you realize
but over on my other blog
I have hundreds (yes HUNDREDS)
of free images
I have been working hard these last
5 months and have so many
beautiful pieces but not many
people are picking them up.
If you are looking for flowers, children,
animals, buildings, transportation,
Frames, Edwardian and Victorian
in png formats
you may find what you are
looking for there.

I hope you enjoy St. George in blue
You can pick up a Hot Pink
one over on my other
blog too!!

Have a great week!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Weekend Beautiful Black And White Images

I am a little late
on the ball this year.
I have a whole file full
of beautiful mother images
and somehow time
slipped by me so fast.

Sunday is Mother's Day
My plan is to spend it with my
Mother and Dad
Husband and Son
We are going to make
her lunch
and work on the landscaping
around the house.

My mom has been unable to
do many of the things she loves
this last year.  Walking is very hard
for her and it has
taken her to a very depressed
I find I miss
the woman she was very much
and she does too.

But I feel so fortunate
in many other ways...
She is still here
with us..Still able to
offer wisdom and love
a shoulder to cry on
a recipe or a laugh.

The picture above reminds me
so much of my mom.
My first teacher...
She taught me to read, drive a car
put on make-up
Start a fire
Cut up a chicken
Sew (sorry mom I don't do that
well at all)
Cook breakfast in a paper bag
Tie a square knot
That it is OK to play with
your children
Dust and clean house
Throw a soft ball
Love flowers
Haul wood

That a WOMAN can do
anything she sets her
Mind too.

Happy Mother's Day
to all Mother's

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blogger Issues So Sorry

Oh Crum...
I am trying t make
some changes and
clean up my blog this morning.

No luck.
Is it me?  Is it Blogger?

If you are trying to find anything
in my blog list for right now
you are going to have to go
to the search bar.!!

For some reason I can not
get my labels to come back.
When I first started blogging
I went crazy with my labels and
seem to have a few hundred.
I have been trying to par
it down to 25 and Blogger
keeps throwing the whole thing
I will keep trying
So please hold on...
I know there are a lot of
us having issues right now
with the new layouts.

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art Deco Insect Symbols Background ATC Free Image Black And White

Another fantastic plate from my
Design In Theory And Practice book
It is full of wonderful
Art Deco Images

Friday, May 4, 2012

Free Marie Antoionette Etching Image Plus Where Did April Go

Oh my goodness..
Is it May already?
This last month has gone by
so fast..I realized last night
that I have neglected my blogs.

Both my stores
Etsy and EBay
have been doing really
well (oh bad grammar
Etsy is just keeping me
I had my 212th sale yesterday
It has been such a wonderful

New products I have
added..along with the
wonderful vintage items

Vintage Inspiration Tri Fold Packs
All of the pieces in the packs are
Vintage and Antique

All of the pieces come
from my own vast collection
Vintage skeleton keys, beads, crystals
Charms..Watch parts
Mother of Pearl, Bakelite Buttons
Rhinestones..Fur clips...Sparkly
Scatter Pins..
You get the idea...
They are on a tri fold card that
I have designed and made..
These look great left on the cards
and displayed
or have been designed to remove
and use.
So far I have 5 sets in my store
1 is a Art Deco theme with some
fantastic chrome alphabet letters
The other four are very VVictorian in feel
These kits are perfect for
a jewelry project..or glue book journal
Maybe a card...or tags.
Mixed media or altered art assemblage.

I also have added some really
fun music paper shred.
This shred is made from
Yep..Vintage music paper
that I have hand dyed in an
assortment of colors.
I love it for a different look
in many things you
can use it for.

Two more items
then I am going to be done showing
you what I have been working on.
I will give you a free image for
sticking around lol

Tiny porcelain roses.
Both are limited quantity.
The pink roses have been selling well
I think there may be 6 tubes left
in all.
The white roses are so amazing.
You can color them yourself.
Annny thing you want.
They look great with a spritz of
one of the Ranger inks.


Hand Dyed vintage paper packs
I love the flowers you can make with
this delightful old paper
that I have dyed in wonderful spring
Just punch out..maybe add some shading and layer.

Are you still here?  I know this is a long
post..So much to catch up on.

Last but not least.
I have been adding neat found objects
into my Etsy store for your projects.
Old glass bottles, silver baby cups, spoons
shadow boxes.
Books, Buttons, Beads

Now..If would just pop down to the bottom of the
page I have a free image for you


This etching is very large
I was only able to take one small
piece of it..I will try to marry the
pieces together so you can see
the whole image
but for now
This is Marie Antoinette
She is churning butter
and at her feet is a little spaniel
who is jumping on her skirts.
The etching is from the scrapbook
I have dated 1820 London
The original piece is 14 inches wide
by 16 inches long
It is glued to a page and folded in half
So....It will take some time to re-construct
but very much worth it.
I hope you enjoy her.

Thank you for coming by today
and letting me share my projects with you.
I hope you come by and visit me at
the store soon!


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