Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Frames From Vintage Lace Making Book Great Patterns

From a recent find
These lovely little frames are
patterns from a vintage pamphlet
on making lace
I thought they would make great
embroidery patterns for little
sachets or pin cushions.
I have several more I will be
posting for you.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vintage Christmas Post Card Ornaments

Oh boy...I have been wanting to get started
on my Christmas ornaments and decorations
for months..At last this week I decided
to just jump in and get started.
One of the tutorials I bought earlier this year
was a sweet set from Dawn over at
Sew Many Roses
Here is a link to her
Etsy store
I have a huge vintage
Christmas Post Card Collection
and that is what I decided I was going to use
for this project.
Before making the commitment of 
my old cards I thought it would be
best to make a prototype set.
(and just fun)

The set in these pictures are
the prototypes
First I gathered all my supplies
Dawn has provided a large selection
of vintage images from
her collection in her tutorial.  So I started
with them because they are just the right
size and I had purchased them.
Something new I tried this time is using
a spray adhesive.  I chose the Elmers Craft Adhesive.
and it seems to work great (except if you get it on your hands
and then pet the cat) 
I do advise using a flat box to spray into 
(not your hand
and do not pet the cat )
Wow!! Now I have a new addition to 
my magic craft kit
I love this stuff 
Why haven't I ever used it?
I started out by cutting  pieces of 
heavy chipboard
spraying  it with adhesive
and  covered it with a beautiful
Christmas paper.  Father Christmas Berries
from BoBunny
The backs are vintage music paper
Next I used Ranger Distress Ink

Old Photo to shade  both sides of the base
to give it a vintage feel.
  I cut another piece of chipboard and
applied it to the back of the post cards to raise
them from the base.  Then added grommets so
the holes looked finished.
I decorated the post cards with Stickles
then dusted with a fine glass glitter.
I usually do a prototype set with newer materials
before jumping in with my vintage papers.
The tutorial called for extra fine glitter 
and honestly that is the only thing I would 
change on this project.
The fine glitter is just
not fine enough but it 
is what  I had on hand
So...Extra fine glitter is
on my shopping list for my next
craft store visit.
My next sets will be more
embellished with tiny mercury glass
beads and rhinestones and old buttons.
These have been a real pleasure
to put together and I am already
itching to start the next one's

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