Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Big Thank You Giveaway For You From Leaping Frog Designs

These last two years have
so much fun for me
I have met many new
wonderful artistic women
who have inspired me
to branch out in new

Your blogs are amazing
your support of mine
most kind.

I thought this weekend
as the  93rd  follower
joined my site
That it was time
to say

...Thank You...

I am going to have a

Tee hee...No
Not the cake
I am going to give you three things to
choose from.
(Kind of like your fairy godmother)

Tell me which item you would like to have
if you win the Giveaway.  Leave me
a comment.
I will leave it open for one week
Next Sunday I will
have the randomizer
(silly word)
Pick a number.
Or-Three if enough people
join the giveaway
So here are the pictures

#1 Embellishment set
Full of beautiful ribbon, crystals, beads,
buttons, vintage coins..
And much more


Set #2 An Ephemera Pack
Full of copies of vintage images
This one is somewhat themed
to Mother's Day
Children, Motheres, Butterflies, Flowers
Calling cards, backgrounds, Lovely old
paper doily, Vintage Music paper,
German Scrap,
Mica, Lots of varitety to play
Much like the packs I offer in my Etsy store


Set #3
All Ephemera
Vintage large book of music, Old paper doily,
Vintage Postcards from 1900-1907
A marbled inside book page,
The two sided Color Plate page
of butterflies from a vintage encyclopedia
Full page of German Scrap flowers
Hmmm..Oh some cool small used envelopes.

Ok...So there they are.
Leave a comment
on which is your favorite.
Pretty easy rules.
It is open until
March 4th
lets say until 9pm
There are 93 of you out there
spread all over the world
Don't worry..
Leave a comment
If you are drawn
No matter where you are
You are eligible
I will ship them anywhere.
Have Fun!!
Thank you all !!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sneak Peak At My Big Thank You Giveaway

you just know it..
I started today's projects
with almost a 0 battery
in my camera..
I had planned on having my
posting up this afternoon for
The Thank You Giveaway
But...we are just going to
have to be content for the
moment with a sneak peek
This is just one
part of the
The camera is charging
and my fingers are crossed
that by early evening
I will have everything up for
you to see.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beautiful Victorian Good Luck Love Birds Scrap PNG And Big Thank You Giveaway Announcement

While I have your
I am going to announce
A Giveaway

A Giveaway!!!

I just want to say A HUGE
To all my followers
Old and New
Come back tomorrow afternoon
for all the details and pictures.

Your clip art
This is a real beauty
I love the little lovebirds.

Victorian Scrap Sweet Girl In Hat With Blue Feather Free PNG Image

Earlier this year I stumbled upon
a huge cache of Victorian cards
and scrap...
I am slowly going thru them
scanning and cleaning them up.
The feather on her hat is so

Vintage Clip Art Woman With Lily's Easter PNG Free Image

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Free Clip Art Little Victorian Birds

Vintage Printers Ornament The Letter A Clip Art

These are so lovely.

Vintage Printers Ornament The word THE Clip Art

I just found the most fantastic little book
called Intra Muros
full of beautiful
little Victorian images.
Lots of
and divine little ornaments here and there.
I have been busy scanning and editing
Here is the first one I have for you.
The Word
Pretty cool isn't it.
Have a great morning
We have just a little bit of
sun trying to peep thru here.

Don't forget to pop over
to my All Free Images blog
while you are here.
Many many more wonderful
vintage images
just waiting for you!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Edwardian Ladies Free PNG Image

This one took me a little bit
I just love the etchings with color
This is from A Godey's Lady's  Book

Friday, February 17, 2012

Flower Clip Art Free Images Cornflower White Water Lily And Dahlia

Happy Friday!!!

Free Friday Images Frame And Printers Ornament Cherub And Cyclamen Flower Card

It has been crazy here this week
Seems like I keep running around in circles
like a crazy chicken.
Had some time yesterday to scan
this fantastic book I had lost on my bookshelf
It is full of delightful Victorian images.

(yes I am mucking out the studio again)
Out with the old as they say.
I could not believe that I had collected and
stashed about 8 silver chests to refurbish
My sister in law is coming by today
to take those off my hands
Tee they will be her
problem to store or refurbish.
Also..a huge rubber maid tub full
of vintage crochet and vintage
embroidery.  Those are going into my
Etsy store - all in one big destash lot.
Except for some neat star shaped ones
in colors that I think would make fantastic

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Sweet Little Bird PNG For YOu

I love this little Blue Bird..
May of left her a little too
Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Vintage Pansy With Bow PNG Image Free Greeting Card Image

Yes..Don't get confused I did
post this twice. The first one
was not clean enough.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Help!! I Need A Translator Do You Read German?

Today while my son
was at an appointment
I had a chance to do a
little scrounging
in our local St. Vinnie's

I found this amazing book
From far away all I could see was
a book laying on it's side
with the cover off the spine.
I picked it up
and flicked thru it.
Put it down.
It was kind of expensive
and I just did not want to spend
that much. we all know
That never works
Two steps - turned
right around and picked it up.
Now I am so glad I did.

It is German-I think it has something
to do with cooking
There are color double page
plates of cuts of meat.
Or it may be a butchers guide.
I don't know.
Do any of you speak or read
Can anyone tell me what it says?
Any Help would be appreciated!!
Thank you so much!

Time To Show Off My Valentine Tin From Karla

Well...It is time to show off!
Last month Wendy at Bliss Angels was so
sweet and kind and hosted another tin swap.
The theme of course is
!! Valentines !!
My swap partner this time
was Karla Jackson
She sent me a sweet tin
full of goodies
and a second mini tin too!

I have to tell you...The chocolates
did not last long....
It was one of those days.
Ooooo lovely tins and Chocolate!!
Can life get much better.
Cause She also sent me some
fun clip art

And a beautiful hand made card
The tiny book gave me
an idea..and this year I am going
to write my husband a love letter
I may even use Karla's card.
Thank you Karla..This was a really fun

I would like to share with you
what I sent Karla.
I tried something new this time
Oh my gosh I love it!!

So there they are...
I really enjoyed it once again
The challenge of getting a project done
on time...stretching to learn something
new..making new friends.
It was great.

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