Wednesday, May 16, 2012

St. George Church Vintage Etching Free PNG Image BLUE

I am not sure if many of you realize
but over on my other blog
I have hundreds (yes HUNDREDS)
of free images
I have been working hard these last
5 months and have so many
beautiful pieces but not many
people are picking them up.
If you are looking for flowers, children,
animals, buildings, transportation,
Frames, Edwardian and Victorian
in png formats
you may find what you are
looking for there.

I hope you enjoy St. George in blue
You can pick up a Hot Pink
one over on my other
blog too!!

Have a great week!!


  1. Thank you Lemay for all of the wonderful images you work up for us to use...I love them!
    I know how much passion you put into your work and wish more followers would come and play with them. You give them to us free and that is a fine gesture...your shop has wonderful items also.
    You have a big hug of thanks from me!

  2. Thanks for pointing me to your other blog...didn't realize it was there. I've only recently found I can use PNG images with Picasa...just had to tell Picasa I want to do PNG's! Only took me a few years to find out the solution! HA. Thanks for all the wonderful free images.


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