Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Antique Books For My Library I Have To Share

Yesterday's mail brought
two sweet surprises
a day early.

Antique books!!


I was very fourtunate
recently to be offered
a copy of La Mode
at a pretty resonable

It has 18 hand colored plates
Bridal Dresses...Men in formal
A really lovely antique
She has a bit of an odor
but I think I can fix that.

The small book
sitting on top of the La Mode
in the picture.
When Jannett
told me she had a copy
of Language of Flowers
I was not sure what to expect.
I had kind of rushed over that
in the excitement of the La Mode
But when it came in yesterday
I was flabbergasted (fun word)

This little beauty is from 1836
I think it may be one of the oldest books in my library
to date.

There are 4 hand drawn and painted
The colors are exquisite
the descriptions of the flowers
and trees delightful.

My imagination takes me to
a different time.
A lovely young lady
strolling thru the gardens..or down the lane
small book in hand...Maybe
reading to her sisters
the bouquet her beau has just
brought her...
What memories the old books hold
This one was given as a gift once...
you can see the signatures.
I had to share both of them with you all
today because they are so wonderful.
Have a fantastic day!!!

1 comment:

  1. Both books are wonderful.. but the flower book is to die for. You have two great prized possessions there.


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