Friday, February 25, 2011

Seam Bias Tape Flowers Step 2 Added ToThe Cuff

 Excuse my pictures....They are a little out of sequence
The seam bias tape flowers
in green
I Looove green
and I also like reversing colors
 I decided to use all of these green flowers and you know...the ones
I thought were too poofy
look really great
and the ones I liked that have fewer petals.. They are ok, but not as lush
on this cuff.

This is how she started out...The edging from a vintage pillowcase
and pretty peach brocade
Underneath peach bias tape vine...I wish I had grabbed pink or maybe
you can't see it anyway...
There is much more to add I can feel it
More crystals...a few more smaller
flowers. It is hard to say
when it is finished.
The inside still needs lined...Maybe that beautiful antique peridot
velvet I have been saving.
I can see several loose threads need snipped

1 comment:

  1. wow, they are little jewels, and the green color is beautiful


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