Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Working On My First Giveaway Box-Found Treasures Just For You

When I first came to blogging one of the things that struck me was the strong sense of community many of us create here in our cyber world.  We are separated by such long, long distances.  Yet here on our blogs we have tea together, gather for wins and losses..Support each other with kind words and gentle prods.  It has been an amazing experience for me.  I am planning a project to say Thank You to my followers....If you have read any of my blogs you know I have been collecting my whole life.  My home is filled to the rafters (not in a weird way) with treasures I have "found" over the years.
  After dreaming away in my Somerset Life mags and visiting all my other blog friends who have done such beautiful giveaway's I decided it was something I wanted to do also.  This last week I found a pretty little box and have been busy decorating it...The next step will be filling it with what ever I find as I move around my studio.    Then...It will be time to post it and start the giveaway.  I can't wait...Can you?

And I need to add....Thank you to Art Blog for this great image.  Now I downloaded this before I "understood" about making sure I knew who I got them from before I saved them...(Jill explained it all to me..Thank you dearie!!) So if this did not come from Art Blog I apologize.  I have gotten much better abut making sure I give credit to my other bloggers for their fantastic images they share. 


  1. LOVE the image! And I can't wait to see the oodies you put together. I NEED to do a give away myself! I almost have 300 Followers so I think that would be a good reason. Don't you? OK... as for the giving credit I sooooooooooo understand. I do try to do that but, darn it's hard to remember where you got the image/info sometimes! Did Jill give you a good way to track the info? If sooooooooooooo share please. Have a great day & stay warm. Seems so much of the US is in the DEEP FREEZE! HUGS!

  2. Hey Charlene...Thank You!!!...Yep it is a good day to stay inside tucked in a warm studio. No Jill did not give me any ideas..but she did have the same problem at first and we always talk about it. I keep them in files headed with where they came from now. I have a lot of clean up work to do!!! lol. Oh well that is what late nights are for is it not?!!


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