Friday, February 18, 2011

This Weeks Big Project Victorian Cuff Bracelet

One of the things I have missed the last few years is my embroidery needles.  I put everything away after starting a huge crazy quilt project for my son.  Working on it at night after he and my husband went to bed really wore my eyes out...Last year finally breaking down bifocals came into my life...Thank Goodness!!!! I could see again at last. 

Cruising on the blog I have seen so many beautiful projects...It just did not hit me until this last Monday how much I yearned to create again with fabric and  beads.  It is so typical that the project you dream about making ends up not being the project you actually make...Maybe that only happens to me and not other people.  But it happens to me quite often...ha ha

I love pink...and I have a pretty piece of peachy pink brocade fabric that was going to be the base for my bracelet.  But.....This beautiful maroon-rusty satin has been calling to me for the longest time.  I rescued it from a large pile of junk left by my parents next door neighbors by the side of the road when they moved overseas. (I know..I know...I am a scrounge)  But it is so beautiful and it called to me to be rescued and made into something new.  Anyway....

Thought pink....ended up with maroon and black.  I really love how it turned out!
A single vintage earring...Hundreds of crystal beads in assorted sizes.  Two Victorian black glass buttons.  This was a lot of fun to make...and I have already pressed my next pieces of fabric to start the next one....The peachy pink brocade with a lush vintage gold satin...mmmmm


  1. It is Beautiful!!! How long did it take you too complete it?

  2. Thank you ladies!!! It took me the week...For me the hardest part is starting the project. It took a couple of days just to get the first beads on because I did not have a project plan or was all free thought. Once I had the feel of it finishing it just flew. But there are many hours invested. Now I know why they are so expensive on


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