Monday, January 31, 2011

Jessie And Florence An Exciting Group Of New Vintage Photo Freebies From the 1900's

 What an interesting photo...It makes me think that they may of been camping.    I  love the tent in the background...The little girl looks like she has been enjoying the day....Keep going...Jessie and Florence are at the bottom.
 This was a great find...An interior home shot..I have a piece of table embroidery almost like this one.  Sadly there was no info on the photo so I have no idea where it is.
 Sometimes you find a picture that makes you laugh.  This cabinet card has a name on the back...Jal Stodler.  This was a real treasure for me to find.  None of my photo's in my collection are like this one.
 I have been looking lately for photo's that have jewelry in them...or other decorations.
 This picture says on the back.  Grandma Julia Ramsey about 20 years old.  Died of pneumonia at age 67.
This mother and baby look soooo happy.  Their names are Jessie Flander and Florence.  Dated 1906  Florence is 3 months old.  This picture is pretty rough..Almost destroyed to fit ito a frame I would guess.  I can imagine Jessie's dress swishing and crackling as she moved...Little Florence poofed into her beautiful christening gown.

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