Friday, January 21, 2011

Antique Mother Of Pearl French Lace Fan The Newest Addition To The Collection

 Sometimes...When you have the smallest amount of cash in your wallet...You stumble upon one of those Estate sales that you wish you had not even found.  Today was one of those days.
 After picking my son up from school....I saw a huge green sign...I grinned and said.  Ha Here we go Jordan..Laughing gleefully..He groaned.
 I knew I only had three dollars in my wallet...Really who goes to an Estate sale with only 3 bucks (ME!)
 As I scanned the house my eyes almost popping out..So many beautiful things. Such reasonable prices.  Really!...Then there in the back a box wrapped with green tape.  There it was...A man was standing right in front of it...I held my breath.  Would he see what I did?
 I let out my breath as he moved away...It was so hard not to pounce.  On the tape it said 2 dollars.  Really?  Could that be...Maybe it was miss marked...hmm. I opened it carefully. 
                                            Oh Joy!!!   
 The lace was intact...The mother of pearl stays...a few are broken.  It is missing the metal piece at the bottom. It may of been gold or silver and at one time was just scrapped...

On the bottom of the box it says that it was received as a gift when the owner was 5 years old in 1918...It came from China.  Just the other day I had been saying to Jill and Lauren that I really wanted a mother of pearl fan for my collection.  This one needs some restoration.  I am going to look into it and see how much it would cost.  For a 2 dollar investment I think I did pretty darn good.  Now to find a case for it...

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  1. been looking for one like that for months for my wedding


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