Saturday, January 8, 2011

Special Project Remembrence Necklaces

                                        Judi and her grandsons
  This week I had a very special and unique opportunity.  My friend Judi's   mother passed away last week from liver cancer.  Judi has been here  in Eugene since Thanksgiving helping her sisters care for their mother.Her home is in California and her family down there has had to deal with  their own mother being so far away from them for so long. I grew up with  Judi here in Eugene.  We went to the same grade school and Jr High.  In   Camp Fire Girls together(my mom was our leader,).  Double dated together  in High School.  Judi lost her dad when she was really young in grade school,  so Dora, her mom had to be the sole support for her 5 children.  I spent  many a night over at their house as I grew up and have so many memories                                                                          
  of this amazing, hard working woman.  She was always so kind..and so soft
  spoken.  Anyway....Judi asked me to put together 5 necklaces for her sisters
  and her sister-in-laws in memory of their mother.  She gave me a sandwich
  bag of some loose beads to work with.

  I wish I had taken a picture of what I started out with....The end results.  Well
  they turned out beautifully.  The only beads I added are some tiny garnets. 
  The rest are all hers...Wrapped on sterling silver wire...paired with Victorian
  elements.  There was one blue glass piece from an earring...You can see it is
  the medallion shape piece.  (I really did not take enough pictures-ran out of
  My Fingers are a little sore...Started the pieces on Wednesday evening and finished them last night.  My hope is they have these for many years to come.
  Wearing something their mother once wore close to her own heart.

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