Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Blast From The Past Lemay And Jill Our Gypsy Days

It seems like a million years ago..But in reality it was only about 30.  I found this wonderful picture of Jill  (Feathers and Flight ) and I from way back when a few weeks ago.  One of my old photo albums has fallen completely apart so it is time for a redo.  My hubby (just my boyfriend back then) was an events photographer when he was in college and we talked him into taking pictures for us.  Looks like we had some fun with our makeup, and I look like a curly poodle.  lol...Oh those were the days.  I really loved the skirt and blouse I had on...My mom made me the skirt.  That was the time of Gunny Sax....Remember those fantastic romantic dresses? 

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