Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Ornaments For My Mother

I can not believe Christmas is right around the
This year has passed so quickly...
seems like school just started for my son
and here it is almost winter break
Talking about Christmas before
Thanksgiving seems kind of pushing it
for many of you I know...
Oh well...I don't care
I need Christmas this year.
Not the gift giving...
That I could really do without
But the gathering in...
Bringing family and friends close.
In my mind I see us all being gently held  in
beautiful soft angel wings.
That is my goal this season
To keep my heart and mind open
Making sure those I hold dear know
I love them and cherish them
Not just now in this moment.
But always.

This has been an interesting year
of changes for my family.
My mother who is 77 fell early in the
year hurting her knee.
It has kept her off her feet most
of this year.  My dad who is 80 has
had to pick up much of mom's household
chores..My sister and I help too
and do some cooking for them.
Now with the holiday's approaching
we find ourselves at a new spot.
How do we do Thanksgiving and Christmas?
My Mother has always been the Holidays.
Lol...Does that make no sense?
My parents home is where the whole family
gathers on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
All of us from 5 families.
And any friends who need family too.
So this year is a change.
I find myself looking forward to it.

Part of my folks projects this last fall
has been cleaning out.
They have been going thru their garage
and finding treasures to pass on to my sister and I
Mom has also been cleaning out her baking supplies
When she gave me some vintage tart tins
it got me to thinking.
And...These are what
I came up with
These are the larger
tart tins
I painted them with Martha Stewart Paints
(Sorry Martha but I do not like your paints)
added lots of glitter
Used some of my stash of small mercury
glass garland balls..
I made a collage sheet of the images
that I wanted to use.
(You can find
that in a previous post for free)
Mom loves the Frances Brundage children
and this whole set of ornaments  is for her.  I
Used vintage chandelier crystals on a couple
and rhinestones..
some of the fantastic
ribbon that Jill and I sell in our Junking Gypsies store.
I love the way they turned out.
Mom does too..She made laugh
Yesterday we pulled out her books of vintage wallpapers
(You see I come by very naturally)
She is going to make pretty fans to go with them
on her tree.
Sorry this is so long...
I think it is time to finish this and get
to my Saturday chores
So I can play in my studio later
Happy Saturday to you all!!

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