Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I Am Working On Today-Poetry Book Re-Do

I think dear friends there is a studio
plan at last in my head
Yes...I have made some sketches so that
things keep on
This week...A big step towards the new bookshelves
I so want.
Having a Bead-Book and Button sale
in my folks front yard.
Ha...Yes their yard.
Mine is too hot and the traffic is much
different over in my parents neighborhood.
My dear dad...bless him for letting me
have the sale...Is taking advantage and
putting some of his fantastic finds out too.
We both are De-stashing I guess
Lots of books are going from the studio
one's I have collected thinking I would do something
anything with them.
But alas..time runs fast and they are still here
Last night while making dinner
one of the books called to me and I had to do something with it.
Ah ha....
I love the etchings Jill has been digging out
and I have been wanting to make something with them.

This is a book is called
The World's One Thousand Best Poems
(In Ten Volumes)
Volume 4
An ok much and loved at one time
but not very pretty
So...I have dressed it up some.
Still to add...some postcards inside
maybe a short letter from one friend to the other
tucked into the pages
perhaps a dried flower.
Then it will be ready to go.
I will have it at the garage sale..
Just for fun to see if it will sell.
It felt soooo good to make something-
what with kids and camping and other summer stuff
my creative self has had to take a rest.
It is good to know she is still in
Have a great day everyone!!!!


  1. Oh Lemay good luck with your sale. I can't even think of a sale (only HEAVEN knows I NEED to destash) since we are in day 43 of straight consecutive days over 100 degrees with NO RAIN!!! We are cookin down here!!!!!

    If I lived closer I would be at that sale in a heart beat. Give Daddy an EXTRA HUG! Aren't you lucky to still have him with you!!! Oh how I wish my sweet Daddy was still here!!!! HUGS!

  2. I Love it Miss May! I am sure this Poetry Book is Thankful for the New Frock!

  3. Oh, I just Love your altered book is Absolutely Beautiful!! How fun to have a sale with your Dad and I used to go to sales almost every week together and then out to breakfast. Such sweet memories I have of him!!
    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to you and Jill for the most gorgeous gifts!! You are both such special & dear ladies!!
    Hugs & Love,
    Carol Anne

  4. I love the book and I love the blog. I got here through Carol Anne's blog. I'm adding you to my new blog's "Blogs I Read" page.


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