Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Antique Books In My Etsy Store Today

I want to share with you
what I listed
in my Etsy store
This is such a gem

Yes I know..lots of pictures
but oh my my...look at them
This is a fantastic volume
and I am so happy to of
had an extra copy to share
with others.
Published in
408 pages
9 x 12
Every other page is
a full page
From F to M
This is Vol 2
If you love it
you can find it in my
Etsy shop tonight.

Mothers Day is coming up fast
This lovely old treasure
is perfect for inspiration
or deconstruct and use as tags
or in your art.
And it just happens to be on Sale.

Come back tomorrow for Free Image Friday
I will have some new beautiful free
Images for you.

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