Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Domino's Re-Do With A French Twist Have Arrived At Last At Leaping Frog Designs

At long last this afternoon
I added to my Etsy store
More of my Domino Re-Do's
I am in love with these little
mini canvas
This one is called
In Byron's Garden
Next is
Summer In Paris

This one has not been named yet

Hot Pink Marie

And last
Simone Dreams

As you can see
There are quite a few more left
in my work tray
to finish up
and add
or Friday you should see them start to show up.
Thanks for letting me share tonight.


  1. The Dominoes are fabulous! Love em...your talent amazes me...I will be posting about the beautiful book that you made me today...leap on over later to take a peek. Tiffany


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