Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mornings In The Studio

I thought today I would
share with you some photo
shots from around my studio
and some of the projects
I have been working on

The sun has finally decided to come
and stay for a few days
(fingers crossed)
A bunch of clouds are coming through

The light in this room is just fantastic
Mornings...I greet the sunrise with
the window that faces East
Evenings..I get the back splash from the sunsets
My North window gives me constant cool light
Most days just the natural light is what
I work by

A rose bush has grown quite lusty in the east window
so beautiful pink blossoms will be my view soon

This lion face planter has three faces...
It needs a wash up...

I love using old plated silver to hold my
tools and what nots
Color and light is what it is all
about here
I found this beautiful flat marble tray
at an estate sale last week
Perfect for my speaker to sit on...and the
light comes blazing across it
lighting it all up
The Domino project
These beauties will be in my etsy store later today
(fingers crossed)
I adore them...
The idea of using re-using an object
that has been discarded by someone else
(go back several months and you will see the original
story of how the domino redux came
to life)
Has always been part of what my own personal
art is about.
This fantastic frame came
into my hands a few
weeks ago
It is perfect for the Junkin Gypsies logo
Next some glass and it will
be ready to hang
here in my studio
I love this image
some very special books Jill and I
have been working on
the last week to send to some
dear friends.

This next week...Junkin Gypsies
has a couple of big projects
going on and
we will be sharing that with
you on our blog.
School is life gets hectic
(and fun)
for many of us
I have one more image
to share with you.
It was a gift from my dear
friend Jill
I have this in a book
but she found it loose and knew
it had to hang in my studio
Now to find a frame
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the light in the studio... And can't wait to see the dominos! THANK YOU for sharing the adorable image! I LOVE IT!Hugs! Charlene


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