Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Great Day Book Browsing and Junking With My Son

 Spring Break At Last
Jordan and I have been planning a road trip
to our favorite used book store
For months. last we had our chance,
He was up at dawn trying to
get me going.
That gave me a huge smile.
So....Off we went.
Book Browser is in Corvallis Oregon, About
42 miles from our house
Jordan kindly took a picture of me
First we had to stop off at the farm
so that Quinn could have a run.
Here is a picture
Through the walnut trees
My Mom and Her sisters used to sit
in when they
were young.

Pretty flowers are starting to bloom

This is one of the burn piles from the
old barn
It amazed us that tiny grasses and moss
are starting to sprout through
the ashes
A bit of a run around for Jordan and Quinn
in our campsite....Then
Off to the book store

Ha...My pictures are out of order
After the bookstore on the
way home
we found a fantastic junk store
look what we found

These book plates were just lying in a pile of tools
I plan on scanning them later..
they are fantastic.
So...back to the book store. 
I get kind of overwhelmed in this little place,
room after room of
So many rescued books from library's all over America
old books from all over the world
A fantastic Science Fiction section (that is where Jordan Hangs out)
He nicked me for 12 paperbacks
I love that he reads
So...60 dollars later...A beautiful book on antique purses for me..and a stack of
Harper's.  A beautiful little book on friendship
from 1878
And like I said...Jordan's huge stack of books.
I am glad my hubby is out of town this week...Tonight I am going to just go through
these old Harper's magazines and transport myself
back in time.
Jordan has already jumped into one of his I think a cup of
tea is in order.
Tomorrow, more work on Junkin Gypsies and Leaping Frog...
but now...a little break.

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