Friday, March 4, 2011

The Ongoing Love Affair With Old Books-Steamboat Gothic

Yesterday Jill and I took a quick jaunt over to Springfield
looking for some special tapestry fabric.
The Gypsies are working on their store launching with a
very special gift box giveaway.
We have been running here and there
collecting, sewing, spinning magic.
After a an hour of no luck...we headed back across town
to our little work shop (tee hee...that sounds cute) but
it is really just Jill's living room for right now).  Or at my house
the studio under construction.
But....we had to make another stop...(or two).
Jill's hubby had told her about a new SvDePaul right across the street from
his office.
Happy day!!! A new junk store....We scored!!!  Several wonderful
fun finds....And then..THE BOOK SECTION....
Our Saint Vinny's (as we call them) Have the best used book sections in our
We found some beautiful books to add to the Gypsies inventory,
and I found this wonderful book - Steamboat Gothic
by Frances Parkinson Keys.
Not  just a collector of antique or vintage books because
they are beautiful.
I also read them...if they look interesting enough.
This book isn't that old.  Published in
1959, but the inside illustration caught my eye...
Then the story caught my imagination.
I am going to delve into it this weekend. 
We are off to the flea market again this Sunday...


  1. I LOVE old books! And the red and white picture looks like toile! Speaking of toile, my Do You Toile? Party link is open until midnight Sunday. Stop by and show us what you got!

  2. Oh how fun! Just the name of the book alone is fabulous! I found a book about Marie Antoinette the other day at a nearby charity shop, and it has a fab illustration on the front and the story inside turned out to be really good too. I love it when we stumble upon a little treasure like these!


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