Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clip Art Freebies Decorated Floats Antique Images And Maid Of The Mist Card

Last weekend Jill and I went to our local Piccadilly Flea Market.  I have
not been in a long long time.
It was so much fun going with Jill...You see, it is a little
known secret, but until just recently
Jill would never go junkin with me.You would think
after being best friends for over 30 years
she would of broken down
and come garage sailing with me, or
an estate sale or two.  Even when she lived in Canada
(they have fantastic Antique stores in B.C.)
Nope...I think we went to one antique store in all
the years I went up to visit before she and her
family moved back home to Eugene.
But now
 Oh my...Now she
knows and is soooo hooked.
Anyway...These 3 vintage pictures are part my finds.
I had to laugh.  In my wallet was $6
And I spent every penny.  These great pictures and
cards all came in one packet that only cost
a buck!  I love flea markets
I hope you enjoy them...The Maid Of The Mist card is very beautiful, and
the decorated automobiles for a parade are wonderful.
Take a close look at the people in the crowd.

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