Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ouch! Be Careful With Knives Dearies!

Well my has been a busy week
As you all know
Junkin Gypsies opened this week and
we had our giveaway on Friday
You can go over to the Junkin Gypsies blog
to see the winners
I said winners.
Friday night I think both
Jill and I were pretty pooped.
But oh so excited and happy.
Thank you all so much
for taking part!!

I guess I was a little more
excited than I should of been.
Right now I am Typing
one handed..
Yes...I did I was cooking
dinner Friday night
I decided to try to de-bone
my left index finger
with the knife
my dear sweet hubbs had just
sharpened for me.
No stitches...because there is nothing left
to stitch (as I calmly explained to
my husband...trying not to faint as blood
went everywhere...fingers really bleed!)
So...I am one handed for a few days.
The good thing is it gets me out
of dish chore...My son is so happy about

I hope you all have had a great weekend
be careful in the kitchen today!


  1. Stay away from the sharpe things Lemay.. you only have ten fingers and you need all ten... best wishes to both Jill and yourself....Hugs Wendy

  2. Oh My...I hope your finger gets better! Finger cuts can be painful & so darn irritating...You never know how much you need that finger til you almost cut it off! Oh and thank yall for the giveaway ( I emailed you my address)...I was so excited about peed in my pants...Yeah for me and I hope your finger heals quickly> Tiff


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