Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Venise Lace Arrived Today-I Am So Happy

A few weeks ago I found Patrica Winters new Magazine
Crazy Quilt Gatherings
One ad caught my attention and imagination.
Spilling from a small trunk...Luscious
Hand Dyied Venise Lace
Ahhh The Crazy Quilter in me sighed...Just what I have
been looking for.
At last..this week I took a little breather (shhhh-Do not tell Jill!)
and ordered the mini's.
The Last two or three weeks Jill and I have been working
like crazy women putting
Junkin Gypsies together and getting ready
to open on Etsy.
Our gift box giveaway you can see in the post before this.
So...My point is.  There has not been much
extra time.  In fact my poor family has been the most patient
with me along with my sweet Quinn girl (my German Shepherd)
I bet you would love for me to get back to my story..
Today I cut my timing a little close...Jill and I had been working on
some fun things for the store...I just had to
stop and pick up Quinn before we picked up my son from school.
It was going to be close...
And there on my front porch was two packages.
Well....One package and one larger envelope.
Happy Day!!!
I had to open the one I knew came from RavioleeDreams
and here is what was inside

Really Nice !!! I can see why she is having
a hard time keeping them
in stock.
Last night...I ordered the middle motif  package...
They are going to be so fun to
create with.
Take a little visit  over to Nicki's store on Etsy
And see the wonderful treasures she makes


  1. What beautiful lace pieces! I can certainly see why you needed these...just gorgeous!

    Hope you're having a wonderful night!


  2. What a sweet surprise to wake up and my first read of the day was your blog posting about RavioLee Dreams. I am thrilled that you are happy with them - you should be receiving your other pack sortly.

    My dyeing table has been set up for 2 days as I have been busy dyeing up more pretties to be uploaded to the shop this weekend. Thank you so much for your support!


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