Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th Of July!!!

The last few days I have
been going thru my
images and books trying to
find patriotic pictures.
It made me really sad that I could only
find two in my collection.
For a gal who's family goes all the way back
to the Revolution it was a bit
of an embarrassment.
Next year I promise there will be
more on my page for you
Today...Heading to the farm for
a picnic.
Then Fireworks tonight.
Stay safe...Have fun.
Happy Birthday America

1 comment:

  1. LeMay,
    Thanks so much for that lovely image...sorry you can't find more but I'm in love with the one you posted and don't have that particular one..I love the dreamy colors on all the hats in the crowd and the red, white, and blue!
    Have a fabulous time on the farm and Happy Fourth to you...:).


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