Wednesday, July 13, 2011

While Everyone Is Going Crazy This Week Getting Ready For The Blog Party I Am...

The last couple of weeks
have been a little
crazy for so many of my blog
You all are getting ready for the Where Blogger  Create
Party on Friday
Cleaning your studio's
I know this because my dear
partner at Junkin Gypsies-Jill
Has re-done her own studio space
how many times this week?
I feel kinda free
Here I sit in my own messy-chaotic studio
cup of coffee at hand
I would of dearly loved to take part
this year...but just did not
need the extra stress.
My own folks have had a really tough year
needing help a bit more and more
A big party camp out  on the family farm in a week
so much to do getting that ready
It would of been fun..but not this year.
I will enjoy visiting all my friends studio's
oooing and aaahing
So many ideas I want to incorporate into this space
Jill's fantastic lamp (tee hee-just wait)
Moving my Great Grandmothers reading
chair into here
Hunting for a maniquin I can tuck into the corner
with all my vintage jewelry
Things I have been working on

I did some Tea Staining this week
have not done that in years
dying and staining fabrics with natural elements
was something I played around with many years ago
it is a lot of fun and the results are so satisfying
After the fabric was done I just had to put together
a little collection full of things
I have found in the last few estate sale foray's
The Humming Bird box and it's collection has
 ended up in my Etsy store.

And we have my newest Domino
Pendant and crystal chain necklace
coming to the Junkin Gypsies Etsy store this week
This one has vintage German scrap roses
Vintage rhinestones...and one of my hand crafted chains
That is what I have been up to-instead of cleaning and
re-doing my studio.
I am so looking forward to popping in and
seeing all of you Friday


  1. Lemay i being to wish i had thought to do that too... I have clean and put things away and guess what how i can't remember where the heck I put stuff.... and then I looked at the walls and thought wow could I ger this painted in two days.... really I think my going crazy.. hugs wendy

  2. LeMay,
    Love your new creations! Yes, you are smart by forgoing the party, but I just have to do it! It's a great chance to get everything organized and I'd love to be published in "Where Women Create". I know the odds are small but I still have to try....:). It's so much fun checking out everyone's spaces...I'm off to check out your new Etsy listings.....:).

  3. Your domino pendants are beautiful and I love your blog header!
    Even though you're not shairng your space this year I'm sure glad you visited me...because otherwise I might not have ever met you.
    You have a wonderful blog! I'll be back.

    Good luck with all that you have to do!

  4. gorgeous..such fabulous are so talented..shine on..just lovely..your work is always so charming! I must say I didnt do anything new to my studio either...same as usual..ha ha...i am too busy creating! Sorry you have had a rough time..hope all is well and sparkly! Keep sparkling...and thankyou for always leaving such kind thoughtful words for really touches my heart...and i appreciate your visits!
    Have a beautiful week ahead my friend!


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