Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vintage Wall Paper Clip Art Pan American Wall Papers From Leaping Frog Designs

Have you ever opened up
a box that has been sitting for (years)
a long time.
And been pleasantly surprised?
This last weekend that happened to me
Several years ago when Jordan was a baby
my sister and I stumbled on
a fantastic fund raiser sale.
We needed shopping carts for goodness sakes.
I had forgotten all about these great
wall paper samples.
These look like they are all from
Pan American Wall Papers
I am not into wall paper
but these are very cool...They look
like they have all been hand printed
You can run your finger over and feel the can see them very clearly too.
This one is textured and has
tiny gold flecks all over it.
I bet in candle light it is stunning

There are about 200 sample sheets
in my stack
I am going to make up a few packs
and list them in my Etsy store this week
So if any of you are Wall Paper fans
come by and see if there are any you can use.


  1. Oh LeMay! I'll be watching like a hawk! Wallpaper is my all time favorite medium to create with......can't wait to see your listings!!

  2. Lemay what treasures you have found. I'm sure there are some who will scoop them up!!!! I just sent you & Jill a thank you email for my precious little box of treasures. YOU GIRLS ARE AMAZING!!! LOVE IT ALL!!! Have a great week!

  3. well done!i will share it to all my friends,and i will keep looking for the new articles.


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