Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Very Neat Resource Book Costume Jewelry 202

A couple of days ago
my sister Maresa called me and said
"Come outside!! I have something for you"
We live pretty close-just a mile apart..
So drive by drop offs are frequent with us....
Look what she dropped off
Costume Jewelry 202
We both..Lol.  In fact my whole immediate family has a pretty
large collection of costume jewelry.
Mom and her sisters loved their jewelry during the 50's-70's
Then they had daughters.
And we raided their jewelry boxes.
Dad was always picking up special pieces from garages sales
and estate sales.
And I can never seem to stop myself...I always seem to
find something to add to my collection.
This book is amazing...A huge resource.
Pictures are beautiful...sketches of pieces excellent..color great.
The price guide part is helpful but not necessary
most of us who collect know their value
and it is often something more
that the money value to us.
I only have it for a few days then it has to go back to
my sister...I know it is one I am going
to go buy for myself very soon.
Thanks for showing it to me Sis!


  1. What a wonderful book! Sure wish my sister lived only a mile away--you're so lucky!

    I love vintage costume jewelry, Mom recently gave me some of my great-grandmother's & great-great grandmother's pieces--I LOVE them!

    Hope your day is beautiful...


  2. Wow Lemay, this looks like such a beautiful book!! I have jewelry pieces from both of my Great-Aunts and my Grandmother. I treasure them so much!!
    Have a lovely evening~
    Carol Anne


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