Monday, April 18, 2011

A Day Full Of Changes

Wow-Today has been a very busy day
Over the last several months I have been trying to
turn one of our extra bedrooms in to more
of a studio space.
It has been slow going.
Cleaning and sorting sometimes tossing
but mostly running myself into circles.
This is my second most favorite room in the house.
Two facing North one facing East
It has great light for most of the day.  And another
little bonus.  I can see the moon from this room
certain times of the year.
Oh one more reason  in the summer a wonderful cross breeze.
But it has been a long trial to get into it.
Over the weekend my husband said he would help
me move things out and work on the organization.
I packed all afternoon moving things out of the way.
Because one of the things that had to come out
was a love seat.  Lol...Oh my that was so fun to get
out.  We had put it in there over 12 years ago...then
added bookshelves in the hallway it had to come thru.
We got the little monster out after having to raise it over our heads
and carry it sideways.
The guys took off after it was out and I thought they
had gone to get a battery charger (I left the lights on in the car aaaagain)
What they came home with was a new table for
me.  Ahhh....I have such sweet guys.
They had it set up in a jiffy and now I have a huge work table.
It is a little overwhelming
There is still so much to do.  Hopefully tomorrow I can run
down a old one that I can paint
myself.  That would go a long way in organizing all the antique books
tucked here and there.
Right now...I am pouring a glass of red wine. Picking a piece of chocolate out
of the box and heading for the tub for a long hot
bubble bath. 
 I am very sore tonight
Yep..I moved that tall cabinet by myself when they told me to
My list for tomorrow is long...
Sweet Dreams

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