Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Freebies Images From Harpers 1899 Magazine And Post Cards

Jill has been such a slave driver lately
she keeps cracking the whip over
at Junkin Gypsies

Time keeps running through my fingers.
I grabbed a few minuets this morning and scanned
some fun images into the computer
from one of the many( how many Lemay? Oh...hmmm about 30)
Harper's Magazines from
the 1800's
These Antique Magazines have been a
real treasure find.
I got caught up this morning looking at all the beautiful ads
and then started reading the
whole thing (this might be why time keeps slipping by)
I hope you like some of the things I picked out
The first image is
a beautiful one named The Nursery
This image is going into some of our special Mother's Day
Packs over on Junkin Gypsies
Next just some few ads.
I like the images
and then the front page of an article about the The Oregon
Since I live in Oregon and
my whole family are history buffs
this was a fascinating piece for me to read.
Last but not least..a couple of post cards
and a cabinet card photo.

Have a great Friday Gals!!!!

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