Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Surprise Nursery Friends From France And A Child's Garden Of Verses

As many of you know.  Jill and I have
a new business on Etsy called
Junkin Gypsies.  Starting a new business together has been
a lot of fun...and a lot of work.
We spend a huge amount of time on the phone working
out details,  countless hours on the computer.....runs back
and forth to each other's homes for supplies
and coffee.
This last week we tried something new (for us)
and met halfway to do
some shopping and exchange supplies.
I keep running out of ribbon.
Hang on!
There is a point to this story
So-after a stop at Harbor Freight
we decided to toddle off to
the Saint Vinny's on Broadway.
I really should take a picture and put it on here.
Right next to this huge warehouse junk store is a glass blowing
fun stuff
Back to the story.
Yes we found lots of fun stuff at the junk store. And I had to keep
telling Jill...No! I am not buying any more books-you see I am cleaning out
my studio and am going to be selling some of my books.
So, we part ways
she back to her to mine.
And gosh darn it...There was a SALE sign two blocks from
my house.
I had to stop.....I knew I was in for trouble the minuet I pulled up.
This was a doll maker's estate sale.
Oh my!
She also was an accomplished artist from a long line of artists.
I perused her studio furniture.   The odds and ends
left over from a lifetime of creativity.
And then I found the books
Oh No!
Books on anatomy written in the 1800's-art books-family history books
I found one book that is the size (haha of a book) but empty
Leather bound...the pages had been filled from
front to back with family history dates and events.
The older brother was thrilled when I handed it back to him. Lol
No he would not let me buy it.
I found another book of poetry that had a loving poem in the front from his grandfather
to his grandmother on their engagement.
Anyway...Those books I did not buy
What I did buy are these.

I took pictures instead of scanning them
Because the Nursery Friends From France is in almost mint
condition and I did not want to hurt
the spine
The other book in bad shape..But was published in 1940
I just had to share these beautiful finds with you...
I did get some other amazing treasures
A small silver dish from China
Assorted small bisque doll parts...Lace
from France.
But those darn books...They get me every time.
I am looking for a new book shelf
Any one have one for sale?

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