Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dream To Be What You Believe Tiny Book

Do you ever wonder what  happens
when what you did have planned
does not happen
and what you did not plan on
That is what has occurred
here in my studio
the last two days.
I have no idea how I got myself from
cleaning and sorting
to sitting down and creating.
Really...I did have such good intentions.
But coming across my ATC cards
blew that right out
of the water.
Yep....Sky high!
When Jill and I went to Corvallis a couple of
weeks ago I found
the most beautiful Italian papers
I had gotten the idea yesterday that I would
make some tiny ATC books
to put in the ephemera packs we are
selling on Junkin Gypsies
They are so cute
and I am leaving them empty so
that they can be like little scrap books.
But I started playing with one,
and this is what I ended up with.

My first tiny book
I know it will not be my last...
already I have started another one
Have a good evening everyone!

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