Monday, April 25, 2011

Quiet Monday Morning Coffee

I love Monday mornings.  Yeah right you all are laughing
I can hear it..but really
I do.
It is no fun getting out of bed at 5:30am
Or trying to roust my teenage son
out of his at 6:30
Husband out the door for the week...Son off to school
I open the door from dropping Jordan off
to stillness.
Usually everything looks like a small
tornado has gone through...
So for the first hour or so I spend picking up from
But then....It is my time.
I find myself in the studio turning on the music Loreena Mckinnett
this morning..It goes with our rain today.
Windy and stormy

I have a list of things I should be doing today,
but the music is so soothing and the coffee
good...It seems much better
to just sit here thinking.
Re-grouping myself I guess.
Do any of you keep a journal?
I have since I was pretty young...Think it started
in grade school.  Maybe one of those
class projects or something I did in Camp Fire Girls
That has just stuck with me my whole life.
There have been years when I have taken breaks
and not kept a journal.  And looking
back I regret that.
My Mother is getting up there..Almost 80
And lately talking to her she and I are noticing
her memory is not as good as it used to be.
She gets mad at  I can be so pushy at times
But just the last few days it has hit me how thankful I am to have
started journal writing and keeping them.
I went to the small (not so small) chest they are kept in
and looked through the years.
The ones from my youth are kind of embarrassing to read now...
full of crushes and tears and dreams
Then my first really broken and torn heart...
And soon after finding
my husband.
Reading the journal of the year he was overseas was interesting...A new bride
left alone.  The life of a Marine wife.
Then we started our own family with our son
I started a journal the night we did our pregnancy
test from me to him...Someday
I will give them to him maybe...right now there are 13 of them
I guess the point of the Journal conversation is.
With all the blogging and face booking I had thought maybe
of giving up the journals.
But these conversations with my mother lately
has changed my mind.
Looking at my journals...A lifetime record.  My memories
I want to keep them with me
not to loose them too.
And it hit me that I am keeping her memories also...she is forgetting
them but by our talking and my writing them down
they won't be lost.
I see my coffee cup is empty...So that means
time for a refill.
One of the most wonderful things that has
happened lately is this divine
6 foot long table my husband and son moved into
the studio for me.  I came across
my ATC cards while cleaning
I love these tiny art cards-what an absolutely fun medium.
These little envelopes are made from calligraphy paper and shaded with
Walnut distress ink.  I used a sponge brush which is fantastic
for shading.
OK...Time for that second cup and some creative time
Have a good Monday!!!

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