Monday, April 4, 2011


Sunday afternoon my dear friend Shannon, her daughter
Sid and Shannon's mom Claudia and
I (whew) nipped over to the
Gem Fair.
Beads are my number one addiction.
Books a close second
Maple sugar candy is for sure third.
Anyway....The bead show
The vendors were tired and so ready to start packing up..
But still willing to listen and answer questions
for the newbies in our group.
Shannon and I met the first day of our son's kindergarten
class....and have been
friends ever since.
So have our boys...
Anyway....I have a pair of Shiva shell earrings that I wear
all the time.
All the time
Shannon found a vendor from Tibet that had
such beautiful pendants
and when my back was turned...
look what she got me.
She almost made my cry
I love it...and it goes perfectly with my earrings.
Little known secret...If I ever get
a will be a tiny
I don't think that is going to happen.
So I just keep wearing them
Thank you dear friend!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lemay,
    Oh you must have had such a wonderful time at the Gem show!! I love to collect vintage beads and jewelry, especially the rhinestone pieces. Though honestly, when I go to antique stores or estate sales, there isn't much I don't like to collect! lol
    Oh I just LOVE the necklace you received, it is Absolutely Stunning! What a special gift from your very dear & sweet friend!
    Carol Anne


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