Friday, July 15, 2011

Look What I Found Today At A Garage Sale An Antique Chamber Pot

Today was yard work day at my
parents house
My son usually mows their lawn and I do some
weeding or what ever else they need done
Today on our way there
I saw the sign...Garage Sale and the address
I know Eugene pretty well...and A sale in this
neighborhood is rare.
So..Told Jordan
Oh It's good you brought your DS and a book
you will have something to do for a few min.
while I scoot into this sale.
Laughing so hard because you should of seen his face
"Not again Mom"
So up the hill I went to the sale...around the bend
Into the parking lot that was surrounded by woods
and ivy...Cool and Green
On the outside of the sale.
Artwork laid out on the driveway.
The prices looked pretty steep..but not that bad
Then I was told...everything was 70% off the marked
My first handful came to 5 dollars
my second handful another 6
then...the chamber pot
It was only 18 dollars...Take 70% off of that
and you know what I paid.
I was so excited!
I was so excited I just had to show my Mom
And nothing prepared me for
how excited she was.
Little did I know that in all the years
she had been collecting
This was one of the items she had been questing for
She has a beautiful ca mode (did I spell that right?)
and always wanted the chamber pot to go with it.
Now she does.
This beautiful piece is now sitting in her living room
(now quit laughing)
There was no room for it in my house..and she loves it so much
Mom can not get out much
and no garage sales or estate sales for her anymore
it was wonderful to trip on this
and find out how much she had been wanting one.
Tomorrow I am going to surprise her with
something more.
On the way home from their house
I went by again...just hoping I had missed
more pieces to the set.
I had.
I found three more.
I can't wait to see her face.


  1. LeMay,
    That's gorgeous, you're a sweet daughter to do that for your Mom!

  2. How fabulous..what a gorgeous find..beautiful..lucky gal!! Enjoy!!

  3. well that sound like me , never miss up going to yard sale and when to have to go you have to go .. (sorry I couldn't pass up the potty joke)

    My mum as two of them in the living room too with plants in.. hugs wendy


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